There Are More Important Things To Write About

I've often come across people on "the net" who will comment on another person's blog, tweet, facebook status, etc., with something like "Why are you talking about (X)?! There are much more important things happening in the world, like (Y)." In this case the (X) is usually something like Justin Bieber's new ultra skinny jeans and the (Y) is something like Health Care Reform.

With my grandmother still recovering from her surgery a couple weeks ago, she is always on my mind lately. When I'm thinking about her, and my husband starts to talk about all the cool things his iPad is going to do, or the cool Magic the Gathering deck he is making, I'm thinking "OMG, how can you be thinking about iPads when my Grandma is still recovering?!" This is a foolish way for me to think, just like it is foolish for someone to criticize someone for writing on pop culture instead of politics. Even though my Grandma is at the forefront of my mind, she's not at the forefront of everyone else's mind, and I can't expect her to be.

Everybody has different issues on their hearts and minds at different times. Just because those issues differ from yours doesn't give you the right to criticize or belittle what another person is talking or writing about.

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  1. My dad lost his dad when he was still a teenager...and he said that after it happened he went out with friends because that's what he needed.

    Sometimes its good to have a distraction and not constantly dwell on a negative/scary situation.


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