Why can't Christians keep their faith to themselves?

Many non-Christians will ask why Christians are always "hyping" their religion, or trying to convert others. Why can't Christians just keep their faith to themselves?

Well, this is simple really. I'll use an analogy. Lets say Christianity is the Amtrak of life, and as a Christian, I am an Amtrak representative. As a devoted Amtrak representative my mission is to explain the benefits of Amtrak to people that I encounter because I know in my heart that Amtrak is the best way to travel and will bring them to the best destination. As an Amtrak representative I am charged to live by Amtrak's guidance for my life, and to encourage anyone I can to live by them as well. Sure, there is Greyhound, and United Airlines out there, who may not promote their mode of travel in the same way, but just because other modes of travel don't require their representatives to share and encourage others to join them doesn't make what Amtrak does wrong. I don't mind people learning about Greyhound or United Airlines, but my hope is that they see the benefits of traveling via Amtrak outweigh those of the “competitors.”

The thing that makes this all difficult is that everyone's “mode of travel” can be something different, but we all feel strongly about the company we chose to travel with, and some chose not to travel at all, and that is where toes begin to be stepped on.


  1. I saw your title and came in here semi-defensive. Like, "I don't push my religion on others!" Only to get completely turned around. :)
    As much as I agree that we shouldn't be ashamed of our faith, I don't really think it's our place to promote it at every turn and to anyone, whether they're interested or not. Christianity is not a business.
    But good for you for being upfront about it.
    Just my two cents.

  2. You're right. It's just that some people go about it the wrong way and undermine and come condescending.

  3. Most Christians that push their religion onto others want non-Christians to pretty much ignore or overlook the negativity that comes with the religion. It's flat out disrespectful to ask an atheist to ignore the centuries of prosecution their ancestors have gone through as well as the thousands of ways their lives are made more difficult by the fact that "the separation of church and state" doesn't actually exist in American society just so that the Christian can talk about how great this "mode of transport" is.

  4. What a great analogy! I never would have thought to look at it that way. Hm.
    I know I don't mind if people learn other faiths, but I shouldn't be made to feel bad if I bring mine up as an option because I think it's the best way. Great. :0)

  5. What an interesting way to think about it with the Amtrak analogy.
    I think it's our duty to live lives that make people ask - What's different about them? And then we get a chance to share our faith. I'm a shy person, so sometimes it's hard for me to witness to people, but I try in small ways.

  6. @ Jill It is definitely our job to live a life that people question "what IS different about them?" most definitely.

  7. I don't mind talking religion with other people, and hearing what they say. I just dislike when their actions contradict what they preach-or they cannot accept that I have made a decision not to follow a particular religion.

  8. But **WHY** do you feel the need for everyone else to ride Amtrak? To put it another way, why isn't it enough for you to ride Amtrak and allow others to make up their own mind about their means of travel without you injecting yourself into the decision?

    It all boils down to insecurity. You desire to control others because it just ain't enough for you to follow your own religion and tend to your own life. You need others to embrace the dogma that you already enslaved yourself to. And the more people you influence to worshiping your skyguy, the more secure you feel.

    While I completely support your right to believe in whatever magical, supernatural, and mystical finger-wagging god(s) you desire, I don't support your unsolictedly forcing it upon others who didn't ask. All that does is make people despise chritians for being insecure and controlling.

    1. For me, my life is greater because of my faith. So just like a good movie or a good book I read, I want to share it with the people I know. If I feel like it makes my life better, I'm going to try to make other people's lives better also.


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