Give a Gaga A Chance

Last night was a night of firsts. It was the first time I watched Glee and the first time I entertained the notion of liking Lady Gaga.

At some point in time I set in my mind that I didn't like her or her music or her style. Tonight on Glee the Glee crew performed her songs, in costumes like hers, doing Gaga-ish moves... and I liked it.

I realized I had unjustfully written off Lady Gaga as someone I didn't like. Maybe all the media hype and people who liked her turned me off. I'm too cool to like the mainstream right? Or maybe it was the rumors about her being an illuminti cult member, I don't know.

I've decided to try to make a conscious effort to not not like something without knowing why I don't like it.

Lesson of the day is to give new people and things a chance. I will be giving lady Gaga a chance.

P.S.- I also loved Glee, and will be adding it to my television rotation.


  1. Love Lady Gaga. =]

    I can't wait to watch the Glee from last night!

  2. I'm so excited for you! I love both...Lady GaGa is great dance music (when you're alone, if you're like me) and Glee is just a bucket of laughs. I'm excited for'll have to check out the old episodes...I've seen them all 2-4 times!

  3. I knew I was going to like Glee months before it came on tv. It's my guilty pleasure without actually feeling guilty.

    Lady Gaga...the first time I was
    "exposed" to her was when she opened up for the New Kids on the Block (yes, another guilty pleasure) was right before Gaga fever hit and well, I thought she seemed kind of silly. Then I kept hearing her songs on the radio and I really tried to resist liking her but I finally gave up when I saw her on SNL. I finally had to admit that aside from the sex and silly costumes she was a really good musician. So far I've resisted buying her albums but I think eventually I'll break down.

  4. Lady Gaga can sing. She has the voice. Although...her personality and fashion that get your attention is a bit out there. lol.


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