Ending the Summer

Since I'm not in school anymore there isn't a definitive break between summer and fall based on when classes start. Because of this I pretty much have to arbitrarily choose a point where I say, "OK, now I am preparing for fall."

I chose this weekend as my point between summer and fall. Time to get down to business. Not that I haven't been taking care of business all summer long, but work is about to pick up as our fall production season starts, and rehearsals are about to start for a show I'm in in September - October.

What did I do to symbolically end the summer? The hubby and I went to Dorney Park!!

One of the very many reasons why I love my husband is his ability to win me large stuffed animals at amusement parks. Here is yesterday's ski-ball conquest:

You could not imagine the strange way people look at you when you leave an amusement park with a large cow lol. There was also this guy who was ski-balling in the lane next to us, and when we were walking away with our giant cow (and little pig) his girlfriend said something like "Wow, look at that!" and the guy replied "It's all dirty." I'd say he was a hater, his girl was walking away with $10 less and no stuffed animals :-P

I also conquered my fears of roller coasters that go upside down:

What do you do to celebrate the end of summer?


  1. I want to go to Wildwood, probably in September. Everything is still open but a lot of stores have sales to get rid of merchandise as they'll be closing for the season soon.

  2. LOL. He does sound like a hater about the cows! Losers typically are. I haven't been to an amusement park this year and I'm a little sad. About the roller coasters... I'm doing good to get on one period, I'm not pressing my luck by tackling one that goes upside down. Psh, please


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