Why can't I just be happy?

A lot of people find themselves in tough situations in life questioning: Why can’t I just be happy?

Happiness isn’t always passive, sometimes you have to aggressively fight for it. It is great when all of life’s puzzle pieces come together, but things aren’t always perfect. Sometimes it’s not easy to be happy - those are the times you have to fight for it. Sometimes you have to fight to be happy in-spite of, or despite imperfect situations in life. Sometimes it can be hard to smile or think a good thought when everything seems to have gone awry, but isn’t happiness worth fighting for?

Sometimes you can't just be happy, at those times, I say fight for happiness. Resolve today that you will hold onto your happiness, even if it takes effort. You'll have better days that way :-)


  1. That's really good advice, I really need to learn to remember it, I'm horrible at just letting the bad mood take over rather than TRY to be happy.

  2. @SilverNeurotic - Yea, I am really working to not let things get me down.

    @Thu- Thank you.


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