In trouble with the law

I was asked on formspring : What's the most trouble you've gotten in with the law?

I've never really had any real run ins with the "The Law." Both of my short tales oddly enough have to do with over zealous school security.

The first scenario took place in high-school. Myself, and my friends Dominique and Lynn were hanging by the bathroom during classes one day. Some security guards come up to us and accused us of being some notorious group of bathroom vandals. They put us against the wall and searched us. My friend Dominique had a Sharpie on her, which made her enemy number one. How dare she have a marker in SCHOOL?! I had two Swiss Army knives on me which were confiscated. For those who don't know, my mother works for Swiss Army Inc. so I generally have at least two pocket knives on me at all times lol. Nothing really happened from this incident, other than being completely embarrassed by being searched in the hallway, and my angry grandmother having to come pick up the confiscated pocket knives.

The second scenario happened during the time I was in high school, but at my elementary school. Myself, and once again Dominique and Lynn went by our old elementary school to visit old teachers close to the end of the day. The school security guards saw us in the hallway and said that we had to leave and were trespassing. We argued a little bit, they said they would call the police if we didn't leave, so we just left. I find it sad that an elementary school would kick out students who graduated from it.

Btw, after I graduated college they wanted me to give the graduation speech to the 8th grade class lol

And that is the extent of my run-ins with the law.


  1. I'm fairly certain if you were found with swiss army knives at my old high school you would have been suspended at the very least.

  2. Oh Dang! You are a smooth criminal. ;0) All my run ins are in relation to car accidents I've had. I keep a low profile as a general rule.

  3. i didn't realize you were so bad, you and you COHORTS. psh.

  4. You really live life on the edge and those bad apples you had rolling with you lol.
    the return of Mr. Anonymous

  5. You guys just left... Someone is NOT an adrenaline junky. I'm just kidding I would do the same thing. LOL.


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