YouTube Tuesday: Hide yo kids, hide yo wife

Welcome to this week's YouTube Tuesday, where I pick a YouTube video that has intrigued me and showcase it. Now, I tried to stay away from this one, I really did. This whole thing should not be funny. I'm referring to the Antione Dodson YouTube phenomenon.

Brief background for those who haven't run across this story on the internet: Antoine Dodson's sister was attacked in their home. A news crew got a "colorful" message from him directed at the attacker.

This shouldn't be funny because:

1. The whole thing started by Antoine's sister being attacked, which is not funny.
2. The news station was wrong for exploiting Antoine and his sister by showing what was obviously not a very nice display of them.
3. The internet is even more wrong for exploiting the video via many YouTube remixes.

Now, those are reason why this video shouldn't be funny...but it is funny! I have to give kudos for the craftsmanship of this video, I just have to. But I don't want to belittle what was obviously a serious situation for Antoine and his sister.

Here you are - the best "Bed Intruder Song," which is also available on iTunes and has been covered by the media as extensively as NPR (that link also has the original interview with Dodson).


  1. that song is pure hilarity....i have it as my cousin's ringtone because she is nuts too :D LOVE it!

    Socialite Dreams' Blog

  2. sooo legit!!!
    'run n tell that'

  3. On the NPR blog they brought up the idea of what if it's a white gay male who they were doing this too. I don't know. I think people should lighten up. Antoine seems to be profiting from this just as much as everybody else.

    This song often pops into my head when I least expect it.

  4. @dutch84 - I'm always one to advocate for Black people, but in this instance I think regardless of race, a gay man of any color would have gotten the same treatment. The inflection of the words and the absurdness about it crosses color lines lol

  5. @dutch84 @LaNeshe I agree. I don't think his sexual orientation is what makes this clip funny!


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