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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Slideshow from the Philly Natural Hair Meet-Up


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

TV Show Graveyard

Losing a good TV show hurts sometimes. You become engrossed in the story, and begin to care for the characters, and then BAM... the show is canceled. There are a few scenarios when it comes to show cancellations:

1.The show is canceled while in the middle of the current season, which usually makes continuing to watch the show bitter sweet. It's like reading a book that you know will never have a real ending. It also seems like writers give up on a show once its canceled, and the remaining episodes just aren't good anymore.

2. The show is canceled after the season finale, before another season airs. This usually leaves you with the feeling of never really getting to say goodbye. Questions that you thought would be answered in the next season will forever go unanswered.

Here is my TV Show Graveyard:

Chicago Code

I really liked this show. I don't think it was given a fair chance! It didn't even get one complete season before they axed it!

United States of Tara

This was part of my Shotime double header, the other half being Nurse Jackie which was thankfully not canceled. I LOVED this show. I think Toni Collete does a GREAT job of portraying all the parts of Tara. I will admit that I was starting to wonder where the show could possibly go at this point, so maybe it is for the best that they are ending it, before it "jumps the shark." There are two episodes left, and from the way things are going, I think audiences might get an actual close to the story before it goes off air.

Flash Forward

This was another show that I felt didn't get a fair shot. I was really invested in the storyline and the characters, only to really be left hanging when the season finale came around, and I could never more forward with the story. I really hope maybe one day the Sci-Fi channel will pick it up and continue it.

Lights Out

Another show that only got one season. I'm not even a boxing fan, but I was TOTALLY invested in the story and the characters. At least with this show I feel like I did get a season finale that actually gave me closure.

What TV shows do you think were pre-maturely canceled?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Protective Styles

I was asked on my formspring: Do you have any suggestions of protective styles other than twist outs and braid outs?

First I should say that I don't consider twist outs or braid outs to be protective styles since the ends of the hair are out, and the hair is loose and can tangle. To me a protective style keeps the ends away, and decreases the chance of tangles. Protective styles I like are:

1. Buns

2. Two-strand twists: These can be mini twists, medium sized twists, or even large twists that you can pin up or leave out in a style. I like to do medium sized twists and set them on rollers.

3. Roll-tuck-and pin: This is really quick and easy. Essentially you roll and tuck the hair, pinning as you go. No tangles, and the ends are protected. HERE are good pictures of various roll-tuck and pin styles on Google. And below is a video from Jenelle of Kinky Curly Coily Me! (one of my favorite natural hair blogger/vloggers.)


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Are All Politicians Doomed for Corruption?

I’ve seen it time and time again on countless shows: The Wire, The Borgias, Chicago Code, etc. etc.

A politician starts off with the greatest of intentions, wanting to genuinely help people and through one way or another they end up giving in to corruption. A few different things tend to happen:

1. They end up getting into bed with one criminal group (i.e. Irish mob) in order to have protection for it’s constituents from another criminal group (i.e. Bloods). The thought is keeping the people safe warrants siding with the bad guys to go against even badder guys.

2. They end up having to sell their soul and values in order to get elected, with the idea that once they get elected they can really help the people. In order to get rid of the incumbent corrupt politician they likely end up being just as corrupt.

3. Once they get in office they face resistance from other “seasoned” politicians in making any change, and can’t effectively keep their campaign promises, not because they don’t want to, but because they literally can’t get past the brick walls of other politicians and special interests.

4. They end up in a situation where they don’t have the funds to support the plans they have to help people and better society, and end up in debt to special interest groups and businesses that then are able to use their purse strings as puppet strings, negatively informing political policy.

I can’t help but think that these situations I constantly see arise in television shows reflect what truly happens in politics. People often say that all politicians are corrupt, but I genuinely don’t think they start out like that. I believe there are people who really want to help the people, who get into politics, and find themselves doing things they’ve never thought they would do.

What is the remedy to this? How do we clean up politics?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Pitbulls, Racists and “Just Knowing”

This woke me up this morning and has been swirling around my head angering me all day so I figures perhaps if I wrote it out in a blog post, I could get it out of my system and move on.

My husband and I have known since we first moved into the condo complex where we live almost two years ago that we were Black, and that made us stand out a bit. There have always been small things here and there that seemed to only be a problem when WE did it. Us having a second car parked in the parking lot without moving for a long time caused angry letters to the condo association, while people who don’t even live in the condo park in our lot everyday and hop on the train to work with no repercussions. There have always been little things that others thought must be brought up with the condo association.... never spoken about to us.... and we’d receive a letter explaining what our latest offense was. I’ll be honest, the bottom line in all of it to me, is that we were living while Black in a white condo.

The latest “offense” is us getting a dog, but not just any dog, a pit-bull. Her name is Sunny and she is sweet as can be, but the big scary couple with the pit-bull has already been reported to the condo association before Sunny has even been with us for a week. Apparently complaints were made about the 4 year old pit-bull in the complex (although Sunny is only 1.5 years old). We’ve also heard the ‘neighborly’ “You know we clean up after our dogs here, right?” as if a normal human being wouldn’t think to pick up their dog’s poop.

Regarding the ordeal my husband aptly tweeted: Pit Bulls are helpless victims when Mike Vick is fighting them, but vicious dogs when you're walking them around racist white people.#gotit

“But LaNeshe, how do you know these reports were based on your race?” The answer is, you just know. You can tell when you aren’t welcomed, and can deduce what the reason is for ill hospitality. I really thought moving to the suburbs from South Philly would find us in a warm neighborhood of warm, neighborly and happy people.... Didn’t happen. But that’s o.k. We are moving in the middle of June to a new house, OUR HOUSE that we’ve bought, with neighbors we’ve met who have already offered my husband a spot in their “beer drinking and marshmallow roasting sheds.”

This whole ordeal reminds me of my last most memorable racist encounter:

June 14th, 2008. Today at 8:09 a.m. Tim and I were waiting in a parking lot on Ellsworth and Federal for our Philly Car Share car. A woman, a white woman, was walking her dog, picking her car up from the parking lot. After staring at us the whole way into the lot she asked “What are you doing here?” The fear and hate in her face, and the tone of her voice was as if she expected the answer to be “stealing a car,” “robbing you,” or “selling drugs.” All we were doing was sitting in the parking lot waiting for our car. What gave her the right, and what prompted her to question our being there, four blocks from our house? I am 99% sure that if we had not been a Black couple she would have proceeded on with her day, with no questions asked. Tim said we did a service to Black people by answering her questions politely and not being rude in a situation where we were obviously being treated unfairly. I hope that that is true, I hope the next time she won’t find a Black couple sitting and talking in a parking lot to be suspicious.

I am fortunate enough to be in a place in life for the most part where I don’t encounter too many racist individuals (aside from the Internet) so when I find myself in situations where I know I am being judged on the basis of my skin color, it stings, a lot.

This is Sunny Buckets, she'll lick you to death, but that's about all :-)


Friday, May 13, 2011

Philly Natural Hair Meet-Up

You can comment below to RSVP! Bring a dish to share, and hair product(s) for the product swap!

I don't have to like it because he's Black

There seems to be a misconception that Black people should support the art of other Black people, simply because they are Black.

Every time a discussion of Tyler Perry films comes up someone will say that it is horrible that Black people don’t support him because he is a Black filmmaker providing jobs for Black people in front of and behind the camera.

When Beyonce’s “Girls Who Run the World” single came out and many women (Black and White) didn’t like it I saw on many blogs people say things like Black women should support her as a Black woman instead of tearing her down.

I don’t have to support art that I don’t like from Black artists just because they are Black. That is absurd. I don’t dislike Tyler Perry films because he’s Black, I dislike them because I think they are bad films. Disliking a Beyonce song is not “another case of Black women tearing each other down,” it is a case of not liking a song because it doesn’t appeal to me.

If you are a supporter of supporting Black art then I think you do a disservice to artists if you allow them to put out product of a low quality and accept it as gold just because they are Black.

I like/dislike and critique artists from the same perspective, regardless of their color. There is no “handicap” given to them winning my opinion because they look like me.

If you are in Philly and want to support what I would say is GOOD Black art, Check out Marc Bamuthi Joseph’s “Word Becomes Flesh”
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