The Holidays are What YOU Make Them

Tis the season.... to be bitter?

For me, this is a wonderful time of year. I love the holidays. Everything to be celebrated between Thanksgiving and my birthday (Jan. 14th) is awesome to me. I love Christmas.

I've been seeing a lot of chatter, both on social networks, and "real life" of people complaining that the holidays are too commercial, or they hate all the ad campaigns and think this time of year is just an excuse to spend money.

While businesses, if they are smart, will take advantage of the habit of people to spend more during this time of year, what does that have to do with YOU? The holidays are what YOU make them. No one is forcing you to spend your holidays emptying your pocket book. Do what you do to enjoy this time of year. Focus on being thankful, spending time with family, the birth of Jesus (for some), holiday music and traditions, and even rest. I hate to see people allow themselves to be turned off completely because they see an uptick in commercials or sales. Don't allow your holiday spirit to be Grinched away like that. Even if you don't celebrate a specific holiday around this time, who says you can't take advantage of the tenants of good cheer and good will towards men?

You only live once. Be happy. Enjoy.


  1. Indeed, everything is as how you choose to view it, think of it.
    I hope you and your husband have a warm holiday season :]

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