Homemade Dog Food

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I've been making a conscious effort, as I exercise regularly, to also eat better and cook better meals at home. I'm starting with a goal of getting ingredients to make at least two meals from scratch each time I go to the grocery store. Avoiding packaged foods all together is the end goal, but I've got to take small steps, right? So that means making pasta sauce from scratch rather than buying it jarred, or making my own pizza dough instead of buying pre-packaged dough. I am 100% sure that this will benefit the health of the two humans in the family, my husband and I, but what about our fur baby, Sunny Buckets?

That's Sunny, Googling Homemade dog food ;-)

O.k. maybe she's not really on Google, but doesn't it make sense to give dogs homemade food as well? As I work on lessening the amount of packaged foods for us, I've got to consider making a change in what we purchase for Sunny as well. Enter Homemadedogfood.com. This gentleman has a Easy cooked dog food recipe as well as a raw dog food recipe if you're interested in that. I found his site to be very resourceful, and I appreciate him putting a video up of how to create the cooked dog food. I also appreciate the fact that one time making the dog food yields a nice amount of food, so it's not as if you are cooking every day for your dog in addition to yourself and your family.

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