"I want you to WANT to do the dishes" and similar feelings

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How do they know my life?! lol

There is something to be said about wanting people to share your feelings and sensibilities...and I guess I'm about to say it lol. 

I feel like it's only natural to wish that all those close to you shared your interests,  passions and feelings about cleaning habits ;-) . It would just make life easier wouldn't it? Even if people UNDERSTAND your love and feelings about things, that won't make them share them with you. Sometimes it can be horribly frustrating to absolutely LOVE something, or feel really compelled by something, only for someone you'd like to share that passion with to have no interest whatsoever. We're all different people with different interests, hobbies, and habits. So what do you when your best friends have no interest in seeing the Avengers movie with you, or your husband just can't understand why it's imperative dishes be washed right after dinner? There really is nothing you can do but accept them for who they are. 

Be happy of the times they appease your likes, and try to make concessions for the things you have zero interest in that they love. 


  1. I will happily go see The Avengers with you! I don't mind watching it again. LOL

    1. LOL. Luckily, the hubby and I have a breakfast and a movie date on Saturday. :-D

  2. Your last line is amazing and SO TRUE :)
    Happy 100 followers! oxox


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