Technology vs. The Great Outdoors

When I hear/see people talk or type telling people to get away from "screens" and enjoy the outdoors I'm torn. On one hand, yes, enjoying the outdoors is awesome, on the other hand, I also greatly enjoy watching TV and playing Diablo III on my computer.

My favorite times are when technology and the great outdoors collide.... Like me typing this blog post on my iPhone, while laying on the beach in San Diego... Or reading a book on my Kindle, while sitting poolside.

Cameras were probably one of the most significant combinations of technology and nature. I can't imagine the excitement when cameras became main stream and among other things, picture of sites and the nature native to areas all around the world became visible to people not in those areas, near and far. That had to be pretty amazing.

P.S. - San Diego is awesome, and we're enjoying our vacation :-D


  1. Nice picture!!! I completely understand the "torn" feeling. Enjoy your vacation :)

  2. Ah yes, sometimes I feel like technology makes us dumber and more lazy. It does make connecting with far away friends easier, though :]


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