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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Meal Plan Winning

I mentioned before that meal planning has helped me have more efficient grocery trips. This week I've taken things a step further in the meal planning department. I've seen a lot of people tout the greatness of making their whole week's worth of meals in one day. Today I made almost enough food to take care of hubs and I's lunches and dinners for the whole week. 

I am SO excited to see how this goes. While the only downside is not having fresh off/out the oven meals, the pros are being able to make dinner quickly when we come home from work starving, which will keep us from being tempted to get fast food. Having lunches pre-made will also keep us from having to buy lunch while we're at work. All of the pots and pans from cooking have already been washed, which will also make the week's housework easier. I'm seeing a lot of PROS in this situation lol

Meals Made: 

Grilled chicken with veggies
Grilled chicken with brown rice
Fish and roasted potatoes
Chicken and roasted potatoes
Hot wings and roasted potatoes

Lunches will be supplemented with turkey and tuna salad sandwiches. 

I also split a bag of almonds into proper serving sizes in plastic bags, and hubs chopped up a watermelon to readily eatable chunks. 

I'm feeling super prepared for the week, at least in the realm of eating lol. I think this will definitely help me keep better on track with eating well. Having meals ready leaves little room for the excuse of buying bad food. 

Hopefully I can keep this us Sunday after Sunday!


  1. I've recently started meal planning and let me tell you, I could kick myself for not doing this sooner. Usually when I get off from work, I'm so tired that the only thing that's on my mind is getting my children bathed and into bed and then myself. Luckily, I've pushed past my anemia and I stay up as late as needed to cook.

    I was really motivated when my bank decided to renovate their site and create a tool that's much like When I saw how much I was spending on fast food and eating out, my mouth literally dropped. I rolled my eyes and shook my head. It was horrible. $85+ in eating out in a week? Mann..

    I've even printed out this calendar that I found on Pinterest (the best creation ever) which has helped me with my meal planning and grocery shopping.

    1. Yes, meal planning is definitely the way to go! It's intimidating to get into, but once you see the benefits, it's awesome.

  2. Niiiice. Healthy, and not yucky :]

  3. Go LaNeshe...6 meals in 1 day!!! Sounds like an excellent way to prepare for week, as far as food goes. And, I hear you on those pots & pans!

    1. I came home from work and ate within 10 minutes tonight... it was amazing lol

    2. I was gonna complain about the preparation work but coming home after a long day and being able to simply put on house clothes and get straight to eating is worth it.

  4. I've done this on a smaller scale. It'll usually last me for 2 or 3 meals ( sometimes I freeze some as well). My only issue is eating the same thing over and over. I don't usually make a variety of things so I get tired of what I prepared quick.

    I can say doing this is healthier and much more cost effective.

    1. Yea, that's part of the thing I have to keep an eye on, variety. I'm not a fan of eating the same thing over and over either. Yes to healthier and yes to cost effective too!

  5. Meal planning is awesome, it saves money, it's healthy and you feel so efficient when the day you're Preparing things. For fresh out of the oven meals you can chop up & prepare a crockpot recipe and then all you have to is take 5 minutes out of your morning to set it up and then you have a hot meal when you get home.

    Hope this new routine works to your benefit :)

    1. I LOVE crock-pot meals! It's good cause while it cooks while you're away you still have a fresh hot plate when you get home.


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