The things we buy and only use once (or twice)

There are certain things that we buy, with the intention of using them out, but never actually do. 

Video Games - while hubs and I are pretty avid gamers, there are some games I start and just never finish.  I'm hot for them the first couple weeks, and then I pretty much forget about them and get to a point where they are too tough and I give up. 

Game Systems - I HAD to have a Kinect so I could play the dancing games we always see people having fun with in the commercials. The commercials actually didn't even win me over. It was a store display that I played/danced with that got me. We had the Kinect hooked up to the Xbox for about 3 months I'd say. Then it went to the wayside, and using the controller was just much easier than controlling it with our hands. The same happened with the Wii and the Playstation Move. Although they are good to bring out when we have people over. 

Coffee Makers - I have a traditional coffee maker, and espresso maker and milk frother, and a Keurig - and now I want a Nespresso. I do actually use my Keurig quite often, but as I get an upgraded caffeine producing machine, the others go to the wayside. You really only need one type of coffee maker on your kitchen counter. 

Other kitchen appliances - I just HAD to have that Magic Bullet Blender when I saw the infomercial... and my husband NEEDED a juicer to make fresh juice. We haven't juiced anything in about 3 weeks lol. 

Exercise Equipment - we have the BEST of intentions when we get that new treadmill. If it's staring at us each day we're bound to use it sometimes right? Wrong, lol

Lip glosses and nail polishes - These are two things that because we have so many, we never actually finish any of them before they get old. 

So what to do? 

I don't believe in not buying these things because you won't use them until the wheels fall off. I feel like if I get a month's worth of joy from something, it was worth the purchase. BUT, once you realize you really aren't in need of an item any more, there is no need to keep it around. I love donating games and appliances (as well as clothes) to Purple Heart. They will come to your house and pick things up, all you have to do is put it in a box or a bag. No muss, no fuss, and you help out our veterans. You can also sell stuff on Craigslist or Ebay, or just give it to a friend you know whose interested. 

In the case of lip glosses and nail polishes, I just need to not buy any more so I can use up the ones I have. In the way of exercise equipment, we're currently in the process of converting part of our basement into a home gym that I am determined for us to actually use forever and ever lol. 

What items do you find yourself always buying only to use for a few months?


  1. Umm...Miss LaNeshe, why are you in my head!?! Hahaha...I was just thinking about doing this exact type of post last night, but more so, the "kitchen edition"!

    I have a really good coffeemaker that is currently sitting on the floor. It's been there since discovering the "pour-over" method. I also have a nifty blender (which I do use, but only for smoothies...on the summer time). And, lastly...a food processor, which, I thought would automatically retire my chopping knife. It didn't.

    Love this post!!! I hear ya on the Wii & video games. LOL We have an old XBox, and "Rock Band" (with the drum set) sitting in the closet.

    1. I've been thinking about a food processor. I will say my blender has been getting pretty good use since I bought it. I think I get it from my grandmother, she's always had the latest kitchen gadgets lol

  2. I'm with you on the lipstick and nail polish. I don't really where makeup but that doesn't keep me from buying it, SMH.

    1. Yea, I'm trying really hard not to accumulate more make-up than I can use, but its hard lol

  3. I usually don't sell things because once I'm ready to get rid of something, I want it gone right away. And plus, I find more joy in donating things. My kids even enjoy doing so and that just makes it more enjoyable.

    But I can say that most of the stuff that I've spent a pretty penny on, I still use.


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