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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Quick & Easy Meatless Black Bean Tacos

I'm not a person who NEEDS meat in their dishes. I eat meat, but I can feel like a meal is complete even if it's meatless. This recipe came from a lazy Saturday evening in which I didn't feel like really cooking. I had taken out pork chops to defrost but after a five hour meeting I didn't feel like really taking time in the kitchen, so I searched my cupboards and fridge to figure out something quick. Quick & Easy Meatless Black Bean Tacos were born. 

Whole wheat tortillas
Can of black beans
Mexican blend shredded cheese
Enchilada sauce

Place the whole wheat tortilla in your already heated skillet. On one side of the tortilla place a few tablespoons of black beans and a few tablespoons of enchilada sauce, to taste. On the other side place your desired amount of cheese. Heat/brown for approximately three minutes, until the cheese is melted. I cook it open faced so that both sides of the tortilla brown at the same rate and everything has a better chance to warm. Once it's fully done, fold the cheese side onto the bean side and enjoy! I didn't have sour cream but I imagine some sour cream would be good on the side. 

What kind of quick recipes have you come up with?


  1. I'm the same way sometimes, it's just hard to get my husband on board with the meatless meals. Lol

    1. Same here! If there is no meat, it is not a meal to my husband lol

  2. I add stuff to my easy mac if I am feeling really lazy. Stir in some diced shallots, a sauteed scallion, cherry tomatoes (cut in half), black pepper, and a few shrimp.


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