Vintage Honey Shop Review

The lovely duo at The Vintage Honey Shop sent me a teething necklace to review. I've been a fan of their brand for about a year now. I even listed them as part of my Mommy Travel Wardrobe post. I now have a second lovely necklace as part of BabyCake's and I's collection! 

Babies love playing with jewelry. Really babies love playing with anything that isn't a toy lol. Vintage Honey Shop provides handmade babywearing/teething/nursing necklaces in a variety of styles and designs that provide a strategic and safe accessory for baby to put their attention to. When her front teeth were coming in BabyCake's loved to gnaw on these. Now the necklaces come on handy specifically if I am wearing her, so she has something to play with that isn't my face or hair. 

All of The Vintage Honey Shop's items are handmade right in the USA (Nashville, TN to be exact) with premium materials: food-grade silicone, cotton fabric, organic wood and just a dab of non-toxic glue. Safe for baby to chew on, and cute for mommy to wear. I guess that's why their motto is "Mama rocks it, baby chomps it!"I've been asked more than once if my necklaces are specifically for use with babies. They stand up as a cute accessory all on their own. 

I also love the packaging of their items (above). It feels really special to get something handwrapped. You can tell they take time to give each delivery a special touch.It feels like you're getting a gift from a friend. 

If you're wondering about washing - I simply hand wash them with dish soap and then let them air dry every few wears. 

Interested in picking up a piece from The Vintage Honey Shop? I have a special code for a 15% discount. Use VHSHARE at checkout to get your 15% off. Also, these aren't only for moms, there is a whole section for dads as well.

What are some of your favorite baby related accessories?

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