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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Why Moms Need a Good Night’s Sleep and How to Get It

I don't know if you could tell, but sleep is very important to me. Hence my posts:

How to get a good night's sleep as a couple & The three stages of pregnancy sleep

It became even more important to get a good night's sleep after I had BabyCakes. I'm the first one up in the morning so I set the tone on getting everyone up and out the door.

Today I'm sharing a contribution from freelance writer Jenny Holt about why moms need a good night's sleep, and how to get it. Jenny is a mother of two. She loves nothing more than getting away from it all and taking her pet Labrador Bruce for long walks, something she can do a lot more now she's left the corporate world behind.

sleeping mother

I used to sleep well. Really well. In fact, a little too well. Years of good, happy sleep felt beyond me after I became a mother. That’s what we do, right? We somehow keep on going, drawing on superhuman supplies of hidden energy to do all the things we need to do, look after the kids, and all without a good night’s sleep. However, this does not have to be the case. We can, get a good night’s rest, and here’s some strategies to help:

  1. Sleep Training for the Kids: Perhaps the most important one is their sleep, not just yours. By training your children early to sleep in predictable patterns and to not wake you up during the night, you too can sleep well. Start at the 4 month old mark and be prepared for sleep training, it won’t be easy.

  2. Make Sure Your Bed is Comfortable: A good bed is a necessity and not just a luxury. You want one which is comfortable, has good, soft sheets, and is a pleasure to lay in. Find a bed which suits your preferences to get the best sleep possible.

  3. Diet: Be careful of what you eat. Some foods, such as those full of sugar or caffeine will inhibit sleep. It’s ok to have a coffee or three in the morning, but keep off the caffeine after midday. Furthermore, promote wholegrains and vitamin rich foods in your diet. It’s ok too to use supplements such as magnesium which promote a natural, good sleep.

  4. Changing our Lifestyles: Exercise as a mother is not normally an issue, but if you feel you’re not getting enough, see if you can find ways to walk more or do fitness classes even if it means giving their father more alone time with the kids. This can make it easier for the body to shut off. A bonus is, if you get a good night’s sleep after exercising it promotes weight loss.

  5. Turning Your Mind Off: The mind can easily become overactive; especially if you are using TV, computers or smartphones late at night. Instead, switch them off an hour before bed, and read or talk instead. Furthermore, try deep breathing meditation as a means of clearing the mind and calming the heart.

  6. Stick to Your Schedule: Create a schedule for yourself, some studies even suggest having the same waking and sleeping schedule everyday of the week be it a work day, a weekend, or a day off. Keep to the schedule so your body falls into a good rhythm.
How are you working to get better sleep at night?


  1. As someone who works overnights regularly, sleep and I have a tenuous relationship at times. It's hard finding the right balance

  2. Great tips LaNeshe! I'm a heavy sleeper and go to sleep as soon as I'm horizontal. I'll be curious how kids impact my sleep and if I suffer more because I'm used to getting a lot of sleep.

    1. Thanks! In the early months I got really good at being pretty functional with little sleep, your body finds a way to adjust somehow. For us it was only for a few months. We are very blessed to have a pretty good sleeper on our hands.

  3. Sleep is definitely something that I've grown to miss as a mother of 3 small children. I've noticed that I CAN function on 2 or 3 hours a night (or early morning depending on how you look at it.) But, I'm so miserable throughout the day and it in turn makes my babies miserable as well. Sleep training has been a hassle with our youngest, but I THINK she's finally getting a handle on this sleeping through the night business. All that being said, I'm dying to go climb in my comfy bed, while the children and hubby are all still sleeping. <3

    1. Sleep is so precious, good luck sleep training the youngest!


  4. Turning off my mind has always been my biggest struggle. It’s almost a month since I’ve returned to full-time work with a little one and the one thing that saves me is going to bed to catch up on my rest after a tough night. Some nights I will go to bed at 7pm if that is what I need.

    1. I have that problem too, my mind will be racing with all the things I need to do!

  5. Sleep has always been a struggle with my kids, and insomnia on top of it. Thank you for the strategies!

  6. My biggest issue is turning the mind off too. I always look at my phone before bedtime, and it means I struggle to get to sleep. Now especially with my son having some bad nights it's been worse too, so will definitely need to make sure I put the phone away way before bedtime!


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