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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

There Are More Important Things To Write About

I've often come across people on "the net" who will comment on another person's blog, tweet, facebook status, etc., with something like "Why are you talking about (X)?! There are much more important things happening in the world, like (Y)." In this case the (X) is usually something like Justin Bieber's new ultra skinny jeans and the (Y) is something like Health Care Reform.

With my grandmother still recovering from her surgery a couple weeks ago, she is always on my mind lately. When I'm thinking about her, and my husband starts to talk about all the cool things his iPad is going to do, or the cool Magic the Gathering deck he is making, I'm thinking "OMG, how can you be thinking about iPads when my Grandma is still recovering?!" This is a foolish way for me to think, just like it is foolish for someone to criticize someone for writing on pop culture instead of politics. Even though my Grandma is at the forefront of my mind, she's not at the forefront of everyone else's mind, and I can't expect her to be.

Everybody has different issues on their hearts and minds at different times. Just because those issues differ from yours doesn't give you the right to criticize or belittle what another person is talking or writing about.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Why can't Christians keep their faith to themselves?

Many non-Christians will ask why Christians are always "hyping" their religion, or trying to convert others. Why can't Christians just keep their faith to themselves?

Well, this is simple really. I'll use an analogy. Lets say Christianity is the Amtrak of life, and as a Christian, I am an Amtrak representative. As a devoted Amtrak representative my mission is to explain the benefits of Amtrak to people that I encounter because I know in my heart that Amtrak is the best way to travel and will bring them to the best destination. As an Amtrak representative I am charged to live by Amtrak's guidance for my life, and to encourage anyone I can to live by them as well. Sure, there is Greyhound, and United Airlines out there, who may not promote their mode of travel in the same way, but just because other modes of travel don't require their representatives to share and encourage others to join them doesn't make what Amtrak does wrong. I don't mind people learning about Greyhound or United Airlines, but my hope is that they see the benefits of traveling via Amtrak outweigh those of the “competitors.”

The thing that makes this all difficult is that everyone's “mode of travel” can be something different, but we all feel strongly about the company we chose to travel with, and some chose not to travel at all, and that is where toes begin to be stepped on.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Heal and BE Healed

My grandmother recently had surgery, and I've been praying for her to "heal and BE healed." To me, the two phrases are uniquely different. "Heal" is in the most literal sense - stitches heal, scar tissue subsides, etc. To "BE healed" is the real important part. To BE healed is a state of mind, a long term effect. After the physical wounds are healed, BEING healed means to walk in victory, no longer plagued by a healing process or the damage that is no longer there.

As I was thinking about this I realized this goes deeper than just surgery. When dealing with physical damage, as well as emotional or traumatic experience we need to BE healed. Being healed means not walking around with the banner of a victim. Once you are healed, BE HEALED. Once you are out of a bad situation, away from someone who wasn't right for your life, BE HEALED. Don't let the weight of past pains hold you down if you are away from them now.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

We're all grown up now

Yesterday I made some small donations to two of my friends. One is running a triathlon to raise money for Cherish Our Children International and the other is running a barefoot marathon for Back on My Feet. I also have friends who are working every day in social service and as teachers. And then I have friends in New York and L.A. working hard to get acting jobs. And I just completed my first grant application for my theater group, Raw Fruit Theater Troupe.

I was sitting in bed this morning with all these thoughts in my head and thought, "Wow, we are all grown up now." My friends and I are doing the things we said we would do, accomplishing things, helping people, changing the world.

It's an awesome thing.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

3 Types of Date Nights

I'm going to talk about dating today, as in the actual act of going out on a date. I think dates are important for all stages of relationship. When you have just gotten together, dates are a good way to get out and get to know each other better. When you have been in a relationship for a while or are married dates are a good way to break up the monotony of life.

The long-awaited date:This would be a date planned well in advance. Having a date planned well in advance eliminates the chance that something will go wrong (i.e. movie is sold out, restaurant closes for renovation, ski resort has no snow, etc). A preplanned date also gives you something to excitedly look forward to in the future if all other aspects of life like work, and school are keeping you preoccupied. The long-awaited date also helps make sure you actually have dates. Its hard sometimes to step away from work, school, etc, to take time for yourself, so if you have a date set for a long time, you are less likely to pass up on it for a well needed nap lol.

The spontaneous date:This is the spur of the moment, last minute planning type of date. Now, this is a good thing to spring on your S.O. only if you know that they have the time or are in the mood to go out. If they are game, it is nice to do something unplanned when so much of life is on a schedule. Its almost an adventure to just leave the house and look for a quiet little spot to grab a bite to eat, or see a show last minute. Once again, I caution you to know your S.O. enough to be able to tell if they are in the mood for a spontaneous outing.

The home date:Just as the name suggests, this would be a date that takes place at home. The important part of this is to make it a new experience, even if you are in your house. If you guys always watch movies in your room, this time watch movies in the living room, and pop popcorn. Take time to make diner together, or bake cookies. Perhaps rearrange the furniture, or use candles instead of the regular lighting. You want the home date to feel as much like a date, and as less like home as possible.

What's your favorite kind of date?

Monday, March 15, 2010

One Question

You stand in front of two doors and two doormen.
One door leads to heaven, one door leads to hell.
The doorman guarding heaven will always tell the truth.
The doorman guarding hell will always tell a lie.
You can ask the doormen one question to decipher which door leads to heaven and which door leads to hell.
The doormen have no earthly knowledge, so you cannot ask an earthly question (i.e. Whats 2 + 2?)

What question will you ask?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Keep me in the dark

In last week's episode of 24 there was a threat made against New York with nuclear materials. The president and heads of state decided to not divulge that information to the public, as they continued investigation into securing the nuclear materials, and hopefully diverting the terrorist attack.

Bringing this out of the context of the TV show and into a post-9/11 world, some people would say that it is unfair to the public to keep the "secret" of a possible terrorist attack. For a few reasons, I believe that officials act correctly in not divulging potential terrorist attacks on the evening news.

1. Panic - Saying that there has been a terrorist threat made against New York would send a wave of panic through the state. Thousands of people would try to flee the cities all at one time causing confusing, chaos, and undoubtedly deaths caused by this panic and confusion.

2. Paranoia - If government officials made public every threat against the United States they would probably have to make a channel solely devoted to it because of the amount of threats that come in, and everyone would be paranoid and unable to live.

The question here is would you want to know if there was a terrorist threat against your city/state? At first glance I would say of course I want to know! But thinking about the implications of spreading that kind of panic makes me weary of that kind of information coming out. Panic causes people to do things they never thought they would do.

If investigation is still commencing, and Jack Bauer (or any real life equivalent) is on the case, I think everyone is safer just being in the dark.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

You're in America, speak English

I've heard recently about criticism on two performance pieces (one dance, and one theater) in which the performers chose to speak another language during part of the performance, and a viewer felt that the non-English portions took away from the piece, or that they didn't understand what was going on.

The "You're in America, speak English" complex in general is a sketchy thing, and while in some instances it is understandable that a knowledge of English is necessary, in other cases we just need to open up our minds. When critiquing artistic expression, especially with international artists, we can't look through ethnocentric eyes. Although we live locally, we have to think globally. There is much more to the world than the United States. Art, especially those art forms that are visual like dance, require you to focus on more than just words to understand. What you see and how those visions make you feel is where the understanding comes from. An artist can't feed you line by line what they want you to take away from their work. Understanding doesn't come from words alone.

Even when you speak to someone in English, you are doing more than just hearing their words to understand them. You listen to their tone, you disect their body language, and you feel their emotion. The same mechanisms of understanding should be used when viewing art with words in another language, or no words at all.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Never Neverland

Sometimes the pressure of my fairy tale weighs me down
I have my knight in shining armor and am on my way to Happily Ever After
But with the glitter comes wicked step sisters and evil step mothers
Wart-ridden frogs attempting to steal me from my prince
I just hope this glass slipper never breaks
And my carriage is never to be a pumpkin again.

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