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Monday, December 31, 2012

What Should I Wear for New Years Eve?

I took both pictures in front of the same wall, but one has a green background,and one has a yellow background... strange lol. The actual color is somewhere in between. 

So, what should I wear? lol. 

Hubs and I will be spending an opposite of glamorous evening playing video games until the ball drops. Some Schizoid, some Left for Dead, some Sims. We'll probably have a bit of a Battlestar Galactica marathon as well. 

I wish you all a blessed and prosperous New Year! XOXO

What are your New Years Eve plans?


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Surprises

Merry Christmas beautiful people! I hope you are all enjoying family, and food, and fun.... or just enjoying yourself in whatever way you like.

I had an awesome Christmas Eve. I'm currently in Connecticut visiting my family for Christmas. The time has been great, but the one bummer had been that my husband couldn't come with me because he only had Christmas Day off of work... Or so I thought! Yesterday morning he waltzed into my mom's house... Surprise! Apparently my mom and her husband knew he was going to surprise me, and so did my friends, but no one spilled the beans. I was so shocked and happy to see him. I was having a really great time, but he was the one missing piece.

Leading up to today, my sister, my mom, and I have been in search for a Pillow Featherbed doll from the show Lalaloopsy. Pillow is my niece's favorite character, and every store we went to had an assortment of characters, but no Pillow! Yesterday, as my husband and I were getting a doll for his niece, I happen to glance over in the Lalaoopsy and what do I see? It's Pillow! At the very last store I went to before Christmas shopping was all done, I found her!

Merry Christmas. XOXO


Thursday, December 20, 2012

I'm on a 50 best tweets list!

I've mentioned a few times before about the awesome opportunity I was afforded to attend the National Arts Marketing Project Conference this fall. It was an amazing experience and certainly helped me develop as an arts marketer. Each year the conference puts out a 50 Best Tweets from the Conference e-book. Guess who found herself as one of the 50 best tweets?! Meeee :-D

I feel super honored to have had one of my tweets chosen for the e-book. You can flip through the whole book below: 

                                Open publication - Free publishing - More 2012

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ingredient Snob

I think it's fairly clear that I like products. Hair products and cosmetics. I'm only a tad bit of a product junkie. I would be a HUGE product junkie if I wasn't an ingredients snob. 

Ingredients I try to avoid in general:
Propylene glycol

Ingredients I avoid specifically in hair products: 
Mineral oil

It's absolutely amazing how common those ingredients are, even with records showing that they can be harmful. Pick up a random product near you right now, I'd put money that they are in the ingredient list. 

Label checking is annoying. But I research pretty much every ingredient on EWG Cosmetic database and anything that has ever been linked to cancer, I will not buy a product with it in there. I will not. I try to stick with products/ingredients with 0-2 ratings. 

I will be the first to admit that I check labels more frequently on cosmetics than I do on food...which I know is BAD, but I'm working on it! I do make most of my meals from scratch, and 95% of our meat comes from Five Star Home Foods and is natural/organic so I'm not doing horrible in that department. I also actively avoid high fructose corn-syrup, and pay attention to the order of ingredients in food to see what it's really filled with. 

Are you ingredient conscious? What ingredients do you actively avoid?


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2013 Wishes

Tis the season! Christmas is just around the corner and New Years Eve and Day will be 'coming round the bend' shortly after. I don't necessarily have a New Years resolution, but I've been thinking a lot about sustainability when it comes to trash and recycling lately. Someone pointed out to me recently how we use a plastic water bottle for all of an hour, and then it stays on this earth for 450 years before it decomposes.  The use vs. time in a landfill comparison was startling to me. Even though I do recycle, I want to do better with not creating as much trash in general. Saying no to plastic bags in the store or unneeded plastic containers for my sandwich at the deli, and reusing the plastic I do use more often (does anyone know if you can put Ziplock bags in the dishwasher? lol)

So that is my resolution I suppose. 

As far as what I hope to see in 2013: 
  • I want to see my grandmother walking with minimal assistance
  • I want to see my grandmother SEE
  • I want to see a combination LaNeshe-Tim little person
  • I want to see me saving much more money than I did this year
  • I want to see me making much more money than I did this year
  • I want to see myself on a stage or on camera often
  • I want to see a development in my graphic design skills
What are you hoping for in 2013?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Perfect Christmas

As I was editing posts for Autisable.com this morning I came across one that really made me think. It was from a mother whose son is on the Autism spectrum. She talked about how her son wouldn't be baking Christmas cookies, didn't know who Santa was, had no conceptualization of giving or receiving gifts, and has a sensory aversion to the texture or wrapping paper or bags. The mother admitted that in Christmases past it was hard for her to have her son not react in the "usual" way to Christmas, but that this year she has resolved to meet her son where he is, and not expect him to not be himself. 

This is so important and so powerful. We put a lot of pressure on the holidays. I'll admit it, I put a lot of pressure on the holidays. My childhood Christmases were always just about the same, on Christmas Eve my grandfather and I would decorate our HUGE tree, with lots of ornaments, some that my mom and uncles made when they were kids. I loved it. God how I loved decorating the tree with him. We'd put the presents under it. My grandmother did not dig decorating the tree, but she'd pull out the trinkets we put around the house, and put the tree skirt around the tree. 

On Christmas day, our house was the hub, aunts, uncles, cousins and my mom would come over. My grandfather would also make a trip to his sisters house, my grandaunt - whose birthday also happened to fall on Christmas, to drop off and pick up presents. 

I loved this. This was every Christmas pretty much all the way through college. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

An Innovative Shopping Experience

Last night I was on Pinterest trying to find outfit inspiration for a meeting I have to attend in January. One of the outfits I found led me to ShopBob.com. Once I got there I realized that their clothes are WAY out of my price range. But I was amazed at the browsing experience. Why? The models wearing the clothes MOVE. The models aren't just in static pictures wearing the clothes, they do a little twirl for you in them!

I thought this was amazing and extremely innovative. If I was able to buy clothes from them, that feature would definitely enhance the shopping experience. I predict as time goes on more and more websites will adopt this model. It would be nice to have models of different sizes showing off the clothes. I can only wish right? Check out THIS ROMPER  to see it in action. 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

2012's Awesomeness

The year is coming to an end. Thinking back on the past 12 months, I can say that 2012 was filled with lots of awesomeness.
  • I did background work on FOUR TV Shows: Boxing's Ultimate Showdown (pilot being pitched), Political Animals (in which you could see the side of my face lol), Do No Harm (airing 2013), and Smash (second season, airing 2013).
  • Hubs and I also had an awesome trip to San Diego.
  • I lost about 15 pounds.
  • I won a Knight Foundation scholarship to attend the National Arts Marketing Conference.
  • It's been another year with my grandmother in my life after doctors said she was going to die. AND she's on less medication and healing better.
  • I turned one of our extra  bedrooms into a walk-in closet. 
  • We went on an awesome 3rd wedding anniversary excursion to Linvilla Orchards
While 2012 was awesome, I foresee 2013 being filled with even more adventure. Brace yourselves. 2013 is likely the year of the Tim-LaNeshe hybrid ;-)

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