Cool Life Accomplishments

As I've been working on coming up with my 30 before 30 goals, I've had the chance to reflect on all the cool things I've already done between birth and 27: 

1. Gone skydiving
2. Camped out on Black Friday at Target
3. Visited Denver Colorado
4. Camped out at Yellowstone National Park
5. Saw live, free, bears at Yellowstone National Park
6. Visited Garden of the Gods
7. Gone to San Diego 
8. Been on two cruises
9. Gone para-sailing
10. Got married
11. Been featured in the newspaper
12. Rode a segway in San Diego and the Bahamas 
13. Snorkeled in the Bahamas 

There are probably a dozen other things I can't think of off-hand. I am SO BLESSED. 

What have been some of your favorite moments in life so far?


  1. Traveling to some of the places I've been too. Japan, Italy, and so on. This reminds me that I've had a lot of great opportunities that someone my age may not have gotten. Traveling, degrees, a diverse number of jobs including teaching as a professor. It's been awesome and I need to count my blessings.

    1. Yea, we totally need to take more opportunities to recount our blessings. It's so easy to forget in bad times, or just in the day to day grind.

  2. yes, you are blessed! that's great. i have so many favorite moments. i can't even begin to count. life is what you make it and my plan all along has been to simply do me. it's working for me so far. :)

  3. How be featured in the newspaper! That is a very nice photo of you in front of the mural too. Was the article in print too? Ooh, do you have the newspaper clipping? Lol I get excited about print and newspapers. :)

    1. P.S.
      Nice article. I'm sure you are already aware of this but, you are super talented & awesome!

    2. It was in print too! It's a free paper. I walked all around the neighborhood until I found a kiosk that had some, and I got 10 copies lol


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