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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Big Girls and Crop Tops

On my 30 Before 30 list is the item "Wear a crop top in public." One of my thinner friends who wears crop tops often asked "What are you waiting for?"

For me, wearing a crop top is linked to me losing weight. Why?

This weekend at a bar there was a small waisted woman with a video vixen derrière wearing Aztec leggings and a crop top. The women looked at her with accolades and the men with obvious desire. It was pretty clear from the way people looked at her that they found her outfit and physique impressive and attractive. 

This weekend at the bar there was also a heavier woman, with more width in her booty, wearing aztec leggings and a crop top. The men and women both looked at her like a joke, with an air of "she's too big to be wearing that" in their eyes. 

Both of the women were confident in their outfits, out having a good time with their friends. To me, they both looked great. But one received approving looks, while the other received looks of jest. 

That's what I'm waiting for. To have a publicly-accepted-crop-top-wearing-mid-section. Which is sad. 

My self-consciousness wouldn't let me wear a crop top how my stomach is now. Even if I felt 100% confident, I wouldn't be able to enjoy myself seeing stares and hearing whispers. 

But there are women. I don't even want to say brave, because it shouldn't require braveness to wear what you want, but in today's society, it is brave. There are women, bigger women, women who don't have publicly-accepted-crop-top-wearing-mid-sections, who rock them, and are gorgeous:


Friday, October 18, 2013

Be thankful every day, Love every day, etc.

Around Thanksgiving, people proclaim we should be thankful every day, not just on a holiday. The same goes for Love - Valentines Day, and Giving - Christmas. But the reality of life is, the every day hustle and bustle of life can make us forget, or rather, not focus on being loving, giving, or thankful. Holidays are great opportunities to refocus on those things. 

Today is my four year wedding anniversary ::twerks:: and all week leading up to today I've been thinking about how wonderful our lives and marriage is, and how blessed I am to have him. It's a blessing every day, but the way life is set up I don't have the opportunity to celebrate it every day, or think on it every day.

Holidays, anniversaries and occasions offer us the chance to celebrate the things we don't always get to daily. Embrace that! 


Thursday, October 17, 2013

ABC's of Fall: S is for SCARVES

I'm pretty much always cold. My central of coldness is my neck. Even if I have on a short sleeve shirt and a scarf I'll feel warmer than if I was wearing long sleeves with nothing on my neck. I feel like when I catch colds it's always because my neck was exposed in cold weather. I'm not sure how much science actually goes into that lol. 

In Fall, the scarves come back out, and I do love my scarves. I have a lot of them:

1 & 2 I got from my mom during my last trip home. They are thin, so they're nice for the current fall weather but may have to retire until spring when it starts to get colder. 

3 I'm so sad that I can't find. Somewhere between spring and now I lost it. Hopefully I'll find it again. I got it from Target. It's really big, so I also wear it as a head-wrap sometimes. 

4 is one of my favorites. My friend Renita gave it to me, and it's from Costa Rica. You can't see the red in this picture, but it's green, yellow, red, and black. 

5 is one I wear often as well. I got it in Nassau Bahamas during our honeymoon cruise. 

6 I've had for a long time and can't remember where I purchased it from. It's thick so it's really warm, but it's also short. 

7 is my absolute favorite scarf. It's so warm. I can wrap it around myself like 3 times. It's awesome. It was a Christmas present from a friend/former co-worker of mine, Onyx. 

Are you rockin' scarves this fall?


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Getting Rid of Waste

We know how the body works. When we eat right, all the plumbing works accordingly. Our body absorbs what it needs, and gets rid of what it doesn't need via toilet time. When we haven't eaten right, our bodies get...stopped up. We feel horrible, agitated, and eating is less desirable. The same thing applies to life. 

We have to get rid of the waste. 

When we have too much junk in our lives (commitments we don't want to be committed to, people who drain us, baggage from the past we haven't let go of, etc.), life gets stopped up. It isn't fun. There is no room for what we really want and need because all the junk is clogging up our life. 

Get rid of one piece of junk today. Release the waste, and make room or something you've been hoping for. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Kmart's Genius Marketing Decision: Nicki Minaj Clothing Line

Today Nicki Minaj showcased some of the clothing what will be a part of her Kmart clothing line debuting this month. My first thought was "What a great marketing decision on the part of Kmart!" It isn't a secret that Nicki Minaj has a huge fan base. This clothing line will bring people into Kmart stores for clothes who would previously have never been caught dead wearing something from Kmart, or even shopping at Kmart. 

I've definitely been noticing Kmart has been actively trying to capture Black patrons, or Urban patrons, if you will. Their back to school campaign featuring the Yo Mama and My Limo commercials were a clear representation of that. 

Strategic partnerships are an essential part of a successful marketing mix, and this is certainly a very strategic partnership on Kmart's part. Nicki Minaj has been retweeting her fans all evening who are exclaiming with happiness about getting down to Kmart and grabbing her clothes. I will not be surprised at all if it sells very well. 

Will you be heading down to Kmart to purchase something from the Nicki Minaj line?

Sunday, October 6, 2013

ABC's of Fall: R is for Roasting things

This year, I'm going to finish this ABCs of Fall series. I am determined!



Pumpkin Seeds

I'm looking forward to trying out the recipes for these here


What are you roasting this fall?

Adventures in Casting Calls

I come across some very interesting casting calls when I'm looking for acting gigs. Sometimes the character descriptions are so absurd they make me laugh. 

Heavyset princess type gym goer
I applied to this one, even though I couldn't for the life of me figure out what a heavyset princess type gym goer would look like. 

Hot model types
Am I hot? Am I a model type? I never apply to these because even though I think I'm hot, I know the main stream version of hot is a few sizes smaller than I am. 

Background with 3-legged mixed breed dog. 
Well, my dog is a mix of pit bull and shar pei, but she has four legs, so I was out for this one. 

African American Female with slender build
I had to double check with my husband whether or not I had a slender build. He assured me that I did not. lol

Male or female same sex couple with kids for a Christmas photo for the Catholic Church.
I thought this was a very interesting one. I don't fit this, obviously, but I'm really interested in whatever campaign the Catholic Church is planning that will include recognizing same sex couples and families. 

Sexy leg double needed. Size 8.5-9. Send photos of legs. 
I looked at my legs and decided they weren't sexy enough. Had I applied, it'd be the first time I'd have to send in a photo of just my legs lol. 

Females needed to portray sexy, curvy, Latina club goers. 
Female? check. Sexy? check. Curvy? check. Latina?....darn lol



Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Travelling Apprehension

When I was younger I visited Colorado and some surrounding states with my family. As an adult Hubs and I have gone on cruises and visited a friend of mine in San Diego. We also visit Virginia Beach where his parents are. Last year I went to North Carolina for a conference. This year I'm attending the same conference in Portland, and I'm also attending a conference in New Orleans. 

All of those trips aren't hard in terms of planning. I've been with friends or family, or on a cruise or conference where many activities are curated for you to choose from. What gives me anxiety is taking a trip where no one I know awaits me. We're hoping to go to Hawaii next year, and I'd love to eventually make it to Italy. 

I get anxiety when I think about planning activities in a place I've never been where there is no one I know. I don't want to get caught up in tourist traps or scams. I want to travel around in the most efficient way. I'm also very concerned about looking too much like a tourist or doing something offensive to the culture of a location.

The first uncharted territory we make our way to, I'm sure will come with lots of Google research. 

Where have you gone? How did you plan for your trip?
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