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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

YouTube Tuesday: Dissection of "The Dougie"

This week's YouTube Tuesday comes to you via the Wall Street Journal. I found it oddly hilarious and cool that they did a piece of "The Dougie." It does seem to be the lastest dance sensation, and this Wall Street Journal journalist took the time to dissect the "Dougie" and comment on how it's sweeping the sports world.

Can you teach me how to Dougie? ;-)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

When Facebook Can Be Detrimental

When not in the correct frame of mind, Facebook has the ability to easily depress someone. If you aren’t feeling solid about life probably the worst thing you can do is browse Facebook. The thing about Facebook and other social network sites is that it is generally a snapshot of everything that is a great about someone else’s life. The photo uploads and status updates are the creme de la creme of your friends comings and goings. Comparing yourself to others has never been so easy as it is in this age of social networks lol.

While you can’t find a date, it seems like everyone is announcing new relationships statuses, weddings, and posting baby pictures... You have non-stop unfruitful auditions, while everyone else is posting production photos... Money is tight for you, while others are foursquaring from every retail store downtown....you get the picture.

I think any normal person can find themselves feeling inadequate when down on their luck, and feeling like everyone else is up on theirs. So what to do when you get that feeling?

Be Happy
Unless you’re into social networks for the number of “friends” and followers you can acquire the people who are doing well are your friends, people who you know. Be happy for them, congratulate them. Let their success fuel your fire to work harder to get what you want.

Count YOUR blessings
It always SEEMS like the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, but I guarantee if you stop and think of all your blessings, you’ll find that you have plenty that others could envy. It’s always easier to remember all the bad than it is to remember all the good. Take a second, and calibrate yourself to recall how good things really are for you.

Keep things in perspective
Keep in mind that people put their best feet forward on social profile sites. I’m not saying everyone is lying or making up great things about their lives, but keep in mind that you are only seeing the good side of their life, not the whole picture. They could be looking at your profile thinking you’ve got things better than them. Keep things in perspective.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

When Bigger is Better

This will be my niece's 3rd Christmas. My philosophy on gift giving thus far has always been "bigger is better." My reasoning is bigger gifts aren't easily lost, and the younger the child is, the more awe they get from big presents (as apposed to when they are tweens and want small things like iPods and such).

Year 1: Baby Ball Pit

Year 2: Sit n Spin Zebra

And this year: Disney Princess Talking Play kitchen, for which I camped out for.


Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Extravaganza

So, I will start with Thanksgiving first: It was awesome. Started the day in the way I prefer to start it every year, watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade while hubby made breakfast. Towards the end of the parade I cleaned up and got ready for food making. My food came out great (see picture below). It was my first time making Thanksgiving dinner. On the menu: crescent rolls, turkey, collard greens, baked macaroni and cheese, stuffing, and roasted sweet potatoes.

After dinner the husband and I played a rousing game of Phase 10 (which I lost) then partook in some World of Warcraft for a couple hours. And then it was time...

I took a shower around 11:30 to prepare for our Black Friday Extravaganza. I know some of you followed my #blackfridaycampout tweets on my twitter. We waited in line at Target from about 12:15am (when we got there there was already a line) until 4am. The wait really wasn’t that bad, time passed quickly, it was only a *little* cold, and the freezing rain didn’t start until about 15 minutes before we went it in.

(don't I look excited? look at my eyes lol)

Our Black Friday shopping went almost seamlessly. We had a map, so we knew the plan. Go in, down the escalator, he’d swing left to pick up an electronic drum set for his nephew, I’d swing right to get the Disney Princess Play Kitchen for my niece, and we’d meet around at electronics to get an Xbox 360 Controller. We were in and out of the store before the last people in line even made it in!

Then after Target we swung over to Bed Bath & Beyond (who had no line, I kind of felt bad for them lol) and I got a Kurieg for like $65.

Then, we went home and went to bed lol. A successful 2010 Thanksgiving and Black Friday it was. Purchases pictured below:

(Disney Princess Talking Play Kitchen)

(Electronic drum set)

(The Keurig)


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I am thankful for...

It is that time of year, the time when we list the things we are thankful for. Here's my list:

1. Having a wonderful husband
2. Having a wonderful family
3. Having wonderful friends
4. Being reconnected to my father and his side of the family via the magic of facebook
5. Chocolate
6. Having a job where I can be around what I love {art}
7. Having been in a wonderful production in the fall {Ladies in Waiting}
8. The continual blessings of God in my life
9. The Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade

Some days it is easy to let little trials and tribulations get us down. I hope to be able to look at this list when I'm having a bad day and remember that things aren't' so bad after all.

This will be my first year cooking Thanksgiving dinner, luckily I'm only cooking for myself and my husband so there isn't *that* much pressure on the day, but I'm excited.

On the menu: baked macaroni and cheese, stuffing, collard greens, roasted sweet potatoes, croissants, turkey and cookies :-)



Thursday, November 18, 2010

YouTube Tuesday: "Whip My Hair" - The Jimmy Fallon ballad

I LOL'd at this. Happy YouTube Tuesday (even though this is from NBC.com and not YouTube lol)


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I will not be bitter

Bitter = harsh, hard to bear, stinging, resentful

I will not be bitter
Because while it may seem my glass is half empty the person with the full glass may have a glass full of …
I will not be bitter
Because I have no mistakes, only scenarios that will make for good interview fodder when my name is in lights
I will not be bitter
Because how they see me isn’t who I am, and who I am is who God has made me to be, a Queen
I will not be bitter
Because I need no validation outside of myself
I will not be bitter
Because the sweetness of my disposition is what sets me apart
I will not be bitter
Because the harsh and hard will crumble as I stand tall in the strength of kindness

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Diet Conversation

Oh my gosh I’m so hungry, but I’m over my allotted calories for this meal. :-\

I am stressed out by being hungry.

Is having a snack healthier than being stressed out by not having a snack?

Am I going to regret eating these toffee covered peanuts?

But eating the toffee covered peanuts will make me HAPPY!
It’s hard to eat a lean cuisine on a day like today...

My most common lunch at work is a lean cuisine, because of the mix of low calories and convenience. (My plan is to keep my calorie count down this month, so I don’t feel as bad next month when I’m on my cruise eating 24-7 lol. )

But there is something about a rough day, a long day, a tough day, a tiring day, etc. that makes salad or a lean cuisine the last thing you’d want to eat! Actually, even a really happy or exciting day makes you want something more exciting as a meal. Food is funny that way, it affects our mood, and our mood effects what we want to eat.

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Beauty of Woman

Hey Folks. I have started a tumblr to post videos, pictures, and words that I feel express the beauty of all things WOMAN. Check it out:


Sunday, November 7, 2010

My official review: Tyler Perry's "For Colored Girls"

This weekend I saw the film version of “For Colored Girls.” Most of you read my letter to Tyler Perry so you know where I stood before seeing the film.

I guess my blanket caveat is people who are not familiar with the play will probably love “For Colored Girls.” People who generally like Tyler Perry movies will probably love “For Colored Girls.”

You all should know that I don’t really fall into any of those categories :-\ I don’t consider myself elitist or anything since I was familiar with the play first, and wouldn’t call myself a big Tyler Perry fan, but I definitely think those two things inform my feeling on the movie. None of the parts I didn’t like about the movie had anything to do with the original play.

Let me give props first. The beginning sequence was beautiful. There was also a lot of beautifully cinematographed moments. The acting was also on par for the most part. I think Tyler Perry did do a good job of finding ways to connect the characters, since they aren’t directly connected in the play/poem.

O.k. now what I didn’t like. There is already SO much going on in the play, that the issues that were didn't seem to serve a purpose. The issue of being “down low” wasn’t touched in the play, and didn’t really need to be in the movie as such a huge plot point, in my opinion.

Speaking of which, there was definitely too much MEN in the movie. Now, granted, these were some FINE men, but the play has no male characters and the re-telling of the women's interactions with men without them being present just seems stronger to me.

I didn't like Whoopi's character or her portrayal at all, although I generally like Whoopi Goldberg as an actress. She didn't seem to serve the theme of womanhood or sisterhood AT ALL. I really don't know why she was there.

There are some really key lines in the play that seemed to be glossed over, or overpowered by seemingly bad direction. “I found God in myself, and I loved her fiercely” is probably THE line of the play, and it really had no emphasis in the movie.

I feel like people leave the theater feeling like being a woman = pain, heartbreak and sadness, and that is NOT what the original play leaves you with. I performed in the play and felt JOY throughout it. Yes, the situations are HEAVY, but it is also about the strength and joy of being a woman, and emphasis on sisterhood. The movie was just kinda...sad.

My scoring is as follows:

Words from the original play: 5 stars
Words Tyler Perry originated with his screen play: 2 stars
Cinematography: 5 stars
Direction: 2 stars
Story Coherence: 4 stars
Acting: 4 stars

That gives an average of: 3.5 Stars as my overall rating

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I found myself crying at my desk today. I read the story of 11-year-old Shannon Tavarez who was starring as Young Nala in Lion King on Broadway. She died recently of leukemia.

This is Shannon:

She was never able to get a bone marrow match to treat her leukemia. From the article I read I learned that not only is it hard for minorities in general to find a bone marrow match when needed, but it is especially hard for people of mixed race to find a match. Shannon was African-American and Hispanic. There just aren’t a large number of African-American or mixed race bone marrow donors out there.

Bone marrow donations and transplants are something unfamiliar to me so I checked out marrow.org where I found this picture with the caption “Be her leap from hospital room to ballroom” :

Seeing two little African-American girls who want to perform and are plagued so young by a disease shot a pain through my heart. Not that I only care about little Black girls and not anyone else, but my own little cousin went through Hodgkin's lymphoma, and as a Black woman with performance aspirations those two pictures resonated with me.

So after getting myself together (and deciding to post about this) I looked up what goes into a bone marrow donation. I think we’ve all seen that infamous episode of House where Forman sticks a HUGE needle into a screaming little boy to get a bone marrow sample for the boy’s brother. I could see how something like that could be a deterrent to even thinking about being a bone marrow donor. Reading online I was surprised to see that it isn’t as heinous of a procedure as the episode suggested, and as people may think.

First of all. It only takes a mouth swab to see if you are compatible. If you are found as a match, to actually give your marrow you are put under anesthesia and marrow is taken from the bone through a needle, or more commonly, the cells needed are filtered through circulating blood in a procedure similar to donating blood or having a blood test that requires multiple injections the week prior to the procedure.

Hopefully knowing that you don’t have to have a needle stuck into your bone, and if you do, you are put under anesthesia will persuade people to look into how they can contribute as a bone marrow donor, or at least be registered with marrow.org in the event that they are a match to someone in need of a bone marrow to save their lives. If you register with the site they will send you a kit to do a mouth swab and you send it back to them. It’s that easy to be part of the database.

I will be taking the time to read through all the guidelines and information before I make the commitment, and I encourage others to do so as well.

If I am found to be a match down the road, it would take time out of my life, and cause some time of discomfort, but am I selfish enough to not trade a few weeks of time and discomfort on my part for someone else’s life?

Couldn't help but share this...

(via B.Hargette )
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