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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The ABCs of Fall: K is for Kids

The fall makes me think of kids- having my own kids, and how it felt to be a kid at this time of year. The anticipation of Thanksgiving break, and then winter break. Crafting gift wish lists. Decorating. Holiday parties at school. Playing in the leaves. Delicious holiday foods. My grandma checking to see I'm wearing a warm enough coat, hat and gloves --- well actually, she still does that, even from three states away lol

I'm excited for the falls of the future where my husband and I will have added to our family, and we get to show our kids old traditions, and create new ones.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Have cappuccinos & lattes in your office for FREE!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tassimo. All opinions are 100% mine.

brewer straight on.jpg (2 documents, 2 total pages)

Beverage company Tassimo is offering FREE demos of their Tassimo Professional single-cup hot beverage system. If you are interested in having your office or staff try out one of their brewers visit Tassimo Professional free demo to sign up. Be the office hero and get your staff some free hot beverages! lol

The Tassimo Pro makes coffee-house style beverages with Gevalia espresso and real milk creamer. For those that can't handle caffeine it also makes hot chocolate and tea! Beverages are ready in less than two minutes, and the LCD instructions make prep, cleaning and maintenance simple. I looked on the Tassimo Professional website and the Suchard brand hot chocolate looks divine.

The technology behind the brewer is the T DISCS - unique double-bar brew codes that ensure precise brewing and consistent quality. FYI - the double bar codes on TASSIMO PRO T DISCS help prevent employee stealing because they are not compatible with home machines - in case you were worried about the staff stealing the discs for their home ;-)

I signed up because I'm definitely part of a coffee-drinking staff, and being able to get a hot beverage in the office kitchen vs. "out in the world" as the weather starts to get colder would be very nice. Those who have been keeping up with my ABC's of Fall series know that I LOVE a good hot beverage, and I appreciate any way to make my love more convenient and cost effective.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

The ABCs of Fall: Jackets

Wow. If I don't hurry up and finish this series soon, I'll have to move onto the ABC's of WINTER lol.

Jackets. Part of the staple wardrobe as the temperature starts to drop in that space between summer and winter. I'm a person who's generally cold, so I like the comfort of a nice fall jacket - although I'm not as fond of bulky winter coats.

My current fall jacket looks like this, only it's brown and it has a hood. A simple pea coat. But it is SO warm that I can wear it in the winter with a sweater under and stay pretty warm. I got it from Burlington Coat Factory, which is my go-to jacket/coat purchasing spot. Other than one really good coat I got from L.L.Bean, any coat that I get from somewhere other than Burlington fails me.

I'm pretty satisfied with my current jacket situation, but if I did NEED another jacket I like some of these looks:


What are your fall jacket preferences?
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Friday, November 18, 2011

Occupy the Homeless

There has been a lot of talk about how "Occupy" has brought out the "bad elements" in the cities being occupied, namely, the homeless and drug pushers/addicts. The thing is, the Occupy movement didn't CREATE these homeless people, the movement just gave them more access to shelter and food than they had before. What created these homeless people in many instances is what Occupiers are rallying against, a system that is built to keep the rich, rich, and the poor, poor. 

Homelessness is a separate yet related issue. These homeless people have always been homeless. If anything, there should be more work done to protect and shelter the homeless, and services to get them back on their feet,  now that it is more apparent to the mainstream how many homeless people there really are. I know in Philly the homeless had been often relegated to trash diving and sleeping in the darkest of corners in underground tunels of the subway lines. Now they can reside on the surface where there is better food, shelter, and even heat. Who can blame them?

What's unfortunate in this whole thing is the way many media outlets have twisted the homeless's presence into constant bylines about how Occupy protesters are all homeless, jobless, vagrants, which isn't true. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dissecting Retail Therapy

Wikipedia calls retail therapy: shopping with the primary purpose of improving the buyer's mood or disposition. Often seen in people during periods of depression or transition, it is normally a short-lived habit. Items purchased during periods of retail therapy are sometimes referred to as "comfort buys".

I was thinking deeper about the concept of retail therapy and I think I pinpointed something important. Often times the things that put us in a bad mood are instances where we don't feel valued. We don't feel we as people, our opinions or our wants/needs are valued in some way. Retail therapy is a way of showing OURSELVES that we value OURSELVES. It's a purchase that says, if no one else cares about me, I do. Even if that feeling is fleeting or not really accurate after the smoke clears, it's still the feeling I believe fuels retail therapy.

I love a good retail therapy session, and while I wouldn't advocate for people to go off spending money they don't have, sometimes it's nice to show appreciation to yourself in the midst of feeling unappreciated.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Blogger Spotlight Series

I would like to start a series here where I highlight other bloggers. I hope to showcase some of the blogs I really enjoy as well as be turned on to new blogs to read. Blogging is such a communal activity and that is something I love about it. This is one way I hope to expand my blogging community. If you have a blog you'd like to submit for a Blogger Spotlight feature, or if you would like to submit a blog of a friend, fill out the short form HERE.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Need a break?

Sometimes life can just be busy. Even if every one of your tasks is something you signed on for, or things you enjoy doing, a full schedule is a full schedule and can leave you feeling burned out sometimes. No one should be ashamed to admit when they need a break. That doesn't mean you can't handle hard work, that means you are a SMART worker. You take the time you need in order to get your work done, rather than burning yourself out and being of no use to others or yourself.

Here are some tips on "breaking":

Enjoy mini-breaks - If you don't have the luxury of taking as much time as you want, enjoy the little breaks you do have - your lunch hour, the commute between one obligation and another, even using the bathroom! lol. Make the most of the times when you don't have obligations. Often, instead of enjoying those times we'll spend the whole time thinking about how we wish we had more time, and then the little reprieve you did have is wasted!

Indulge a little - When your schedule is full, and you find you have no time, enjoy little things that you don't always allow yourself to enjoy - a salted caramel mocha instead of your usual plain coffee, a cookie, or make a purchase for something you'll get to enjoy once your schedule clears up more.

Yoga, naps, anything to turn your brain off - When you have a lot to do, your thoughts can become so loud and overwhelming. You're thinking of all you have to do, what needs to be done first, etc. Take some time to enjoy activities that can clear your mind - yoga, or a good old nap. Even 30 minutes to let your mind take a break is beneficial.

What are your tips on handling the need to take a break when you don't have much time?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

My thoughts on Conrad Murray

If you know me, you know I was/am one of the hugest Michael Jackson fans. To me he is unrivaled as one of the best performers of all time. When he died, I was devastated to say the least. Unlike many fans, I didn't feel the need to point the finger at anyone. To me it was a horrible misfortune and a loss to the music industry but it wasn't anyone's "fault."

Many have blamed Dr. Conrad Murray. Dr. Murray gave him a cocktail of drugs, some of which are supposed to be used only in hospitals with vital sign monitoring and life saving equipment, to help him sleep and left him unsupervised. In that unsupervision, the King of Pop died.

Dr. Murray has recently been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. No one, authorities or otherwise, think he intentionally killed Michael Jackson, but there was definitely medical neglect, and he was operating under much lower standards than he most likely would have operated under with a "normal" patient.

But his patient was Michael Jackson. While I don't let Dr. Murray off the hook, I feel like he was in an extraordinary circumstance. His patient was a hugely powerful person, a household name. He wanted to treat and please him because of his stature.

This is the problem with power. You can get to a point where you are so powerful that people can allow you to get what you want, regardless of if it is "good" for you. This is the case in so many celebrity deaths related to drugs. It is so important to have people around you who will not be afraid to make sure you keep your best interest at heart. Michael Jackson had so many people hired to serve him in various ways - I doubt any of them ever told him no either. Where were the people in Michael Jackson's life with the power to tell him no, the power to assist Dr. Murray in trying to ween Michael Jackson off of propofol when he believed it was becoming habit forming? Did anyone exist? His mother? His brothers or sisters? Was it even their responsibility?

I feel sorry for Conrad Murray. I feel sorry because I think he was caught up in a whirlwind that ended in disaster. I can say that he was negligent and I could agree with his medical license being revoked. Is Michael Jackson's death his fault? I don't know. Is an involuntary manslaughter charge the right thing? I don't know.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Why I love "Reed Between the Lines"

It's the only show that makes me dare to turn my television to BET --- "Reed Between the Lines." When I saw the previews I was excited for the show to premiere and I have not been disappointed. Why do I love "Reed Between the Lines"?

Tracee Ellis Ross - I will admit, I wasn't a big "Girlfriends" fan. (*gasp* I know lol). I did like the show, and I watched many of the reruns, but I wasn't awaiting each new episode, I can't even tell you what night it came on. What I do know that made me like the show was Tracee Ellis Ross. I find her to be a nice actress, and funny, and stylish, and of course - I love her hair! She was a great leading lady then, and she continues to carry that title in "Reed."

A relationship like mine - I ADORE the relationship between Tracee Ellis and Malcolm Jamal Warner's characters. It is quite honestly the closest representation of the type of relationship my husband and I have. They are goofy, and loving and just, real. I haven't seen a couple this close to how we are since "My Wife and Kids." I love having the representation of a loving stable Black relationship on television. It balances all the other representations we see too often of non committed and overtly sexual relationships.

Content - The show touches on natural hair, being yourself, honesty, etc. etc. Wholesome topics. Many critics say it's too cookie cutter but I for one am happy to see a family friendly dialogue on television. I am happy to see issues discussed in a universal way.  It doesn't rival the Cosby Show, but I think it does make great strides in presenting a stable family and family values in a time when reality TV has been ruling.

Have you watched "Reed Between the Lines"? What do you think of it?
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