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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Starting the morning off right

In the wee hours of the morning, when you are kind of awake but wouldn't dare think of getting out of bed yet, that is when a lot of people worry. I have had many mornings, especially lately, when I'll wake up, lay and bed and worry about my grandma or other things. Joyce Meyer says that first thing in the morning is when the devil tries to grasp your mind.

This morning I was actively determined to not use my peak morning time to stress and worry. Instead, I thought happy thoughts. I pictured the future when my grandmother visits my new house for the first time, and us going on shopping trips. It started off my day much happier than the mornings where I let negative "what ifs" take over my mind.

Tomorrow morning, start your day off with happy thoughts and happy visions, and let those happy vibes carry you through the day.

^^ LOL, remember those from Myspace?


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where was I?

While to those on the West Coast who are accustomed to the earth quaking, yesterday's East Coast earthquake was negligible, to those of us who have never felt the sensation before, it was a pretty monumental day. I was in a staff meeting at work and we began to feel a rumble under our feet, then the rumble seemed to travel up the walls and to the roof, we then ran outside to find other people on the street standing outside also. This will be one of those "Where were you when...?" events I'll remember.

Some others I'll remember:

Where was I when Aaliyah died? Tomorrow, August 25th is the 10th anniversary of her death. I was on a train on the way from Colorado to Connecticut, and my uncle told me the news as her heard it over the radio. It was definitely sad to hear.

Where was I on 9/11? I was in World Civ class in highschool, and at the beginning of the period our teacher came in and said he saw on the TV in the teacher's lounge that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. At this point it was thought to be an accident. After the period was over, there was an announcement that school was closing and buses were awaiting pick-up outside. I then went home to watch hours upon hours of the footage from all the attacks. It was such a scary and sad day. It felt like the world stopped.

Where were you during key moments in history?

Monday, August 22, 2011

What life do I want to live?

I often wonder if I am the only person who has a short attention span on what kind of life I want to live. From one day to another I can have a totally different idea on what my ideal day to day life would be.

Some days I want to be a busy working artist, walking around the city with a coffee mug, acting in two shows and promoting another all at the same time.

Some days I want to be a house wife, pop out some babies, clean the house to sparkling and have dinner parties.

Some days I want to be ultra fancy, wearing heels and make up to the grocery store, and partaking in upscale events on a regular basis.

Some days I want a complete work at home existence, being a successful money-making blogger and online personality running podcasts, and dominating social media.

I suppose my "perfect" life is combination of all four mixed with the awesomeness that is my real life now.

Does anyone else picture their "perfect" life differently on a day to day basis? lol

Friday, August 19, 2011

Things I would like to improve in...

Although it's only August and we are far away from making our New Year's Resolutions, I have some things that I would like to work on in my life.

1. Remember to take food out of the freezer before leaving for work. Food that has defrosted all day in the fridge is much better and quicker to cook than trying to defrost in the microwave when I get home from work and am starving lol. Also, having food waiting at home defrosted lessens the chance that I'll opt for the quick option of fast food instead of cooking.

2. Instill more discipline in my dog. She's just so darn cute! It's hard sometimes to discipline such a cute face lol

3. Conservation. For the purposes of the environment and my utility bills I want to be more diligent in conserving electricity (turning off appliances/lights in rooms I'm not in, remembering to turn of the central air when we leave the house) and water (turning off the tap when I'm brushing my teeth, or letting the shower run forever before I get in it).

What kind of pre-New Years resolutions do you have for yourself?


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

YouTube Tuesday: "Cry Baby" Cee Lo Green

This week's YouTube Tuesday is a light one. I figured I'd give you all a break from the heavy posts I've been posting lately. This is Cee Lo Green's "Cry Baby" video. I love that it stars Jaleel White (Steve Urkel), and I love that it is just a nice, feel good, video.

Happy Tuesday.



It can be so overwhelming at times to just live. All the news stories of violence, injustice, corruption, neglect of the people, it could drive you crazy if you try to focus on it all at once, or even focus on it at all. All the issues seem so big that you can't begin to think of where to start to make a difference. Not to mention, outside of all the world's problems, an unstable economy, corrupt politicians, and injustices, there is your life, your every day problems. Your family member in the hospital recovering, your bills that can sometimes barely be paid, strife in your personal relationships. It's enough to make a person want to go crazy to figure out what to do.

So, what do you do?

I don't know. Probably the easiest and most manageable thing to do is start with yourself. Help yourself. Try to solve your problems. Then branch out to the people you can immediately touch, the people you can immediately make a difference for. Whether it be supporting a venture they have going, or just giving them an ear to listen and a shoulder to lean on.

Start small. You can't solve the world's problems, but you can help those around you and yourself live a happier life.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Smart Liberal's Opinion on President Obama

That smart liberal would be my husband :-). (note: he curses, which you usually don't see here lol) This post is courtesy of him, spawned by my question "How do you feel about President Obama right now?"

He tries to make sandcastles out of shit and does ok, yet most people can't see that,
because that takes effort.

I asked: Do you think he should have just held off then used the 14th amendment?

No, because he would have sealed his fate in the upcoming election.

Then I said:
I think for his personal campaign for himself, he's pretty much got both sides not liking him, Democracts feel he's a push over and Republicans are just Republicans.

Yeah, people wanna see the world burn, if he would have used the 14th, the US would be screwed, it really wasn't ever a option to be honest. People aren't realizing how much a president can do, that's the problem. He only has so much power, blame these radical teapartiers, they put most of the morons in the house there. You want a better deal on the debt issue? Tough, you voted for gridlock back in 2010.

He wants to raise taxes on the wealthy, he wants to do a bunch of stuff, but he's saddled by maniacs and pro politicians in the house. Liberals need to fall back and read a civics book, then go out and vote the teabaggers out in 2012.

President Obama is in reelect mode, we all see that. This debt ceiling thing was all fabricated,
he even said so. Most of the libs thinking he should have 14th'ed it stop there, they don't think about what that would do to our already fucked up economy. They think he end arounds the process, then it's all good. No, he authorizes the treasury to pay interest first, which is a HUGE amount. There wouldn't be any government services, ssi, medicare, all that would stop until a deal was made, and we all know who gets blamed for shit like that in election cycles, the President. "Obama took my SSI check away."

He's not stupid, he had to make this deal regardless. He's going to win the election, this is exactly what President Clinton did to win after his first term, he had to make his way to the center, and look saner than his rival, which he does now.

You think any of this shit is gonna matter even a month from now, let alone next year? All that's gonna matter is how good or bad the economy looks - then, not even now. Things are messed up now, but if it's on a upswing, he'll win by a landslide again, if not, it'll be a fight, but most likely he'll still probably win. I mean, President Bush. Enough said.

Politics are the worst, you asked how I feel about President Obama, I feels he's being the president, others are let down because he doesn't walk on water.

..... I think I married a smart man, don't you? :-D

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The GOP and skewed views on contraception

Somehow Rep Steve King has become a poster child for pretty much all the things/perspectives that currently irk me in the Republican party's leaders' view on contraception. Thanks to Suggestivetongue for bringing these to my attention. I will use some quotes from him as a spring board to a few things I've been thinking lately:

Preventing babies from being born is not medicine. That’s not — that’s not constructive to our culture and our civilization. If we let our birth rate get down below replacement rate we’re a dying civilization,
” King said on the House floor on Monday night.

How in the world does a country flooded with unwanted children constructive to our culture and civilization? Contraception is important to lowering the number of unwanted and neglected children in this world, not to mention allowing couples to actually have family planning and NOT rely on abortions. I can't understand a person who is against abortions and not a proponent of widely spread and available contraceptives. Contraceptives STOP contraception, lowering the number of abortions, does that not make sense?

“We’re $14 trillion in debt and now we’re going to cover birth control, breast pumps, counseling for abuse? Are we going to do pedicures and manicures as well?”

Only a person who has NEVER been a position where they couldn't AFFORD birth control, breast pumps our counseling, could insinuate that these things are as trivial as a manicure and pedicure. THIS IS THE PROBLEM WITH THE PEOPLE IN OUR GOVERNMENT - PRIVILEGE. They don't take the time to understand the position that the majority of the country is in. We are all not living cushy with anything at our grasp. They continue to make cuts to things that affect the majority of people, while safe guarding the funds of the smallest percent of the country - the very rich.

“Having a baby is not the worst thing. I think having multiple sex partners without any kind of restraint or responsibility is much more damning.”

I really wish that this notion of the only people who don't want children are people with thousands of sex partners grabbing people off the streets and throwing them into bed! There are perfectly well adjusted, MARRIED, couples who would like to have some say in when they have children. There are people with children already, who don't have the means to have any more, and use contraception to not have another child.

/end political rant
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