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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Let me introduce you to your broiler...

I have vague memories from my childhood of my mom and grandma broiling fish in the broiler at the bottom of the oven in my grandparents house. Up until yesterday, that was the extent of my experience with the broiler. It was an intimidating thing, I just didn't understand it, so I stuck with the "bake" option on my ovens.

One thing that added to this was the fact that I assumed that broilers were always that bottom drawer of your oven, as it had been when I was growing up. This is false. I assume that dusty bottom drawer of my oven is just to hold excess pots and pans? It's certainly not the broiler, as I learned via online research and youtube lol. 

Broiling cooks your meat or fish at a high temperature under direct heat. It's an awesome indoor alternative to grilling in a short time. You'll want to put your oven rack about 5 inches from the heating source. Be very careful with putting in and taking out your pans as when the broiler is on as it's a live flame... don't catch your ov-glove on fire! ;-)

Last night I made some breaded fish that never really comes out like I want. It's always soggy. For the last 7-10 minutes, I decided, what they heck, let me try to broil it to get the crisp I'm always looking for. The fish came out GREAT. So crispy on the outside, just like I was going for. 

I can't believe all these years I've subjected myself to soggy fish because of my fear of the broiler lol. 

Am I the only one who shied away from broiling?


Friday, July 27, 2012

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Lotion Sunscreen

I received the Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Lotion Sunscreen complimentary for testing and review purposes from Influenster. The photo above was the first time I intended to try out the lotion. My friends and I had a whole day at the beach planned. There is sits, on top of my towel, awaiting to be put to the test at a day at the shore. Unfortunately that beach day got cancelled :-(

A few weekends later I got to try it out while I was outside doing some yard work. First of all, this stuff smells GREAT. It is also very moisturizing. I am used to moisturizing my skin and THEN putting on sunscreen, but this product kills two birds with one stone. For those of us with darker complexions, we usually see a residue or film on our skin from sunscreens, not the case with this one. It went on smooth with no residue, just  moisture and protection from the sun. 

The lotion I sampled was SPF 30, but it also comes in 12 and 50. The product advertises 12 hours of UVA and UVB protection. You can find Hawaiian Tropics products at most major retailers. The 6oz bottle of this product runs about $9.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Life Changing Summer Vacation

I am happy to announce that I am participating in the 20 Something Bloggers Blog Swap. The theme for this swap is "childhood summer vacations." I have the privilege of swapping my blog today with Jon Guerrera of Living Life for Improvement. You can check out my Summer Vacation post over on his page. Here is his tale of a memorable summer vacation: 

Ah, "summer vacation." The very mention of those words conjures up a past of adventure, exploration and family bonding. Unfortunately, that past belong to someone else – certainly not me. You see, as a child I despised family vacations (and was obviously too young to coordinate and finance any personal vacation time). I love my family more than anything in the world, but as a child, my idea of the perfect summer vacation was playing videogames for 12 hours per day, followed by a marathon of my favorite sitcoms. So when my family dragged me away from my TV and computer to spend four days in upstate New York (a fate I considered worse than hell at that age), you could understand my disappointment.

However, if we can all agree to use the term "summer vacation" more loosely, I might be able to share something more profound with you. The "summer vacation" that ended up changing my life wasn't a vacation in the typical sense. It was a vacation from my routine of videogames and TV. A vacation from the lifestyle that stunted my social skills in the same way that watching too many seasons of Jersey Shore might stunt a young child’s intelligence. But before I pique your curiosity too much, allow me to spill the beans: this vacation was nothing more than one short summer I spent at summer camp at the age of 14. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

In the wake of the Sandusky Scandal - The Little People Always Get Hurt

The NCAA declared it's punishment today for Penn State in response to the institution's failure to report Jerry Sandusky's child abuse on college grounds. The sanctions include banning the Penn State football team from all post-season play and bowl games for four years, reducing the program's number of scholarships from 25 to 15 per year for the next four years, and fining the program $60 million. The football program will be on probation for five years, and all wins between 1998 and 2011 (when the abuse occurred) have been voided. 

I've read a lot of people voice the opinion that this is unfair to people who did nothing wrong, namely: football players who are enrolled and planned to play for Penn State, past players who worked hard for their win records, and individuals who could have received one of the usual 25 scholarships available. 

This is unfortunately a harsh reality of the world. In the case where larger institutions deserve and receive punishment, the little guy will always get hurt. The workers will lose their jobs over a valid boycotting of a bad business. When a business who is underpaying their staff is shut down, the workers are the ones who lose what little salary they were acquiring. It's a sad situation. Unfortunately in this case there really wasn't anything else to be done. In order to effectively punish Penn State as an institution, these mandates needed to be made. While it wholeheartedly is a shame that innocent individuals will be affected in the process, I see no other way things could have happened. 

Do you think the NCAA's sanctions are fair? 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Alarm-free Morning

There is something beautiful about going to sleep without setting an alarm to wake you up in the morning. It's so freeing, one of those "little things in life" that make me smile. I love the lack of constraint that comes with going to sleep without thinking "did I set me alarm?" and waking up naturally, and not to the harsh tone of my iPhone's alarm. 

I didn't have that pleasure this morning as I am up bright and early to make breakfast at IHOP before our 9am showing of the DARK KNIGHT RISES. But tomorrow, I will gladly enjoy the freedom of an alarm-free morning. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

In the Aftermath of the "Dark Knight Shooting"

My head is swirling as I try to comprehend this morning's movie theater shooting at a showing of the Dark Knight Rises in Colorado. 

Is the shooter "crazy" or "not crazy"?
My immediate reaction to an event like this is that the perpetrator is not mentally stable. Hubs is adamantly against calling the young man insane. He believes that because he planned this out ahead of time, timed his attack with a shooting scene in the movie, brought in his own explosive of some sort, and had four weapons with him, he's too smart to be insane. To me, having a criminal mastermind doesn't take away from the fact that this man has to suffer from some sort of mental illness. Mental illness doesn't mean a person isn't smart. I wouldn't call him "insane" but he's certainly not sane. 

Many people are already predicting an insanity defense from him in court, and find it unfair for him to use that for a lighter sentence. The forethought that went into this proves that he knew what he was doing. I don't know how that will play into an insanity defense, but I do believe we can't ignore that it isn't "normal" to kill people in this fashion. 

What part does movies and video games like Dark Knight play in events like this?
It can't be ignored that this event could very well have been a scene in the movie. This kind of villainous attack is nothing short of a Hollywood storyline. Unfortunately this was real, and real people have lost their lives and loved ones. Is there a fault of video games and action movies for providing "inspiration" for commiting acts like this theater shooting? Do these movies and video games desensitize those already mentally unstable into not understanding the magnitude of taking a human life? We can never say movies or video games are to blame for things like this, but we have to consider how they may contribute. 

Should this stop people from going to the movies or seeing the Dark Knight specifically? 
Upon hearing the news of this theater shooting it never made me question my plans for having breakfast and a movie date tomorrow to see Dark Knight Rises with Hubs. I did however notice people questioning seeing the movie this weekend, and Hubs noted that this will probably effect the sales for the film. We need to be cautious, but we can't live in fear. So far all reports lend to this being a one-time incident. It is however up to each person's discretion if they want to change their plans or not. 

What has this movie theater shooting made you think about?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday TV Conundrum

Hubs and I love TV. It's one of our favorite past times together next to video games. As we planned for our TV time tonight, we realized we have multiple battles for the prime time spots this evening: 

8pm - Season Premiere of Leverage (TNT) vs. Big Brother(CBS). 
I've written before about how the Leverage Team is one of my favorite TV spies. I used to call Big Brother my "guilty pleasure" show, but I don't want to call it that anymore. I enjoy watching the show, no guilt included. I don't watch any of the "Housewives" shows, so cut me some slack on this one lol. Big Brother is a usual part of my summer. In this battle for the 8pm time slot, we're going to have to choose Big Brother. Big Brother is the kind of show you need to watch in real time (and tweet about it lol). We'd never go back and OnDemand an episode of Big Brother, so we'll watch Big Brother, and catch Leverage OnDemand. 

9pm - True Blood (HBO) vs. Falling Skies (TNT)
I have to admit, if I didn't start watching True Blood from it's inception, and wasn't already a fan before the show started going downhill, I wouldn't be watching it. I can't imagine tuning in now and thinking the show was as good as it once was. There are just WAY TOO MANY plots going on now, and there seem to be no like-able characters left. BUT, True Blood will win this 9pm slot because we just started catching up on Falling Skies, and just made it up to the beginning of Season 2, so we are not quite ready to tune in live. 

10pm - Season Premiere of Breaking Bad (AMC) vs. Season Premiere of Political Animals (USA) vs. Newsroom (HBO)
Now, this three way battle for the 10pm timeslot would usually not be a problem. Breaking Bad is Hub's favorite show on TV, so that is what we'll be watching live any other Sunday, BUT, I was an extra in the pilot episode of Political Animals, so we'll be watching that tonight, in hopes of catching a one second glimpse of me in the crowd lol

What are YOU watching tonight?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Reality of People on Social Media

On all social media platforms, there are two types of people, and people who are a mix of the two. 

One: People who believe what they have to say deserves an audience. 

Two: People who find value in what other users produce. 

It really is as simple as that. 

Bloggers, and people with Twitter, Facebook and any other social media account fall into one of those two groups. People who say they write/post for themselves, but put it on the internet, are lying. If they posted purely for themselves they would write it in a journal. The act of putting something on the universe's most public medium, the internet, denotes some intrinsic hope of a person other than yourself, consuming your content. 

Even those of us who complain constantly about the mundaness of the majority of people's content still continue to log on, and read it. If zero value was found in consuming other's content, we wouldn't look at it at all. Value is defined as a fair return or equivalent in goods, services, or money for something exchanged. Regardless of complaint, we exchange time out of our life for the perusal of what others place on their social media stage. Even if we complain about it's uselessness, we exchange our time for it. 

We are in an era where it is relatively easy for someone who believes they have something of importance to say (whether they do or not) to have a platform to say it, and an audience to consume it. 


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Chronicle: Not Your Average Super Heroes

Today I watched the movie Chronicle and I really enjoyed it. I coined it a "different kind of super hero movie." 

It starts off like many super hero movies, the three guys experience an inciting incident that gives them super powers. But they don't take the Peter Parker route. They don't become super heroes, they become the guys they are, who happen to have super powers. They don't save the world, they play pranks, are experts at beer pong, and blow wind up girls skirts. It was so charming to me to see this, as I think this is what would probably happen if a "real life" teenager found himself with super powers. 

I also enjoyed the dynamic of the main characters. You've got three very different guys. One popular guy (Steve, played by Michael B. Jordan), a really loner/loser kid (Andrew, played by Dane DeHaan) and an average high school guy, not popular, but not not 'nerdy' (Matt, played by Alex Russell). It was interesting to see these three different individuals deal with living with powers. 

The story-line was awesome, and the acting gets two thumbs up. The story definitely took a dark turn midway through that was tough to watch, but made for a great movie. 

I don't want to give too much of the plot away, but I definitely give this film five stars. Check it out if you have the chance. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Things I do on Twitter that I never thought I would

I feel like when people first join Twitter, in their mind they think something like "I won't Tweet like I'm going to Tweet meaningful stuff." That's how I thought. And while I do feel like (or hope!) I  have tweets of value, I know I've fallen into some pitfalls that I've silently scrutinized others about. 

Things I do on Twitter that I never thought I would: 

Follow reality TV stars

Bad Girls Club definitely used to be a TV guilty pleasure of mine, and Natalie Nunn was at the helm of the season I was the most into. 


Sub-tweet, or "subliminal tweet" is directly referring to a particular person without mentioning their name. This was DEFINITELY a subtweet lol. 

Tell the internet where I am, EXACTLY.

I love Fouraquare, and I love having it linked to my Twitter to tell people where I am. I don't even know what the appeal really is lol. 

Have your social media habits changed from the "rules" you thought you had initially? 


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Things I Learned on the Internet: Cleaning Berries

I LOVE Pinterest. It's a great past time. It's also very informative in the way of recipes, crafts, and home remedies. An AMAZING trick I learned is how to effectively clean berries and make them last longer. I buy strawberries pretty much at every grocery trip, and I always feel pressure to eat them quickly because it never fails, by mid-end week it seems they always start to mold. I HATE throwing food away, but what am I supposed to do with a moldy strawberry? It's also important for me to get my strawberries clean well because when I use them in smoothies I blend the whole thing, green tops and all. 

So what is this berry cleaning trick you ask? VINEGAR. For me, I used apple cider vinegar. When you get your berries home from the store make a mixture in a bowl of one part vinegar to ten parts water. Drop your berries in, swirl them around, rinse off in a strainer and store them in your fridge as you normally would. With this method I am going on TWO WEEKS of non-molding, great tasting strawberries. This method works because the vinegar kills mold spores and other bacteria on the surface of the fruit, which keeps them fresh longer. 

Who says you don't learn anything on the internet? ;-)


Monday, July 2, 2012

Enjoying the Little Things

It is so important to enjoy the little things in life. There will be days where either nothing seems to go right, or you just have to do a bunch of things that bring you zero pleasure (trips to the DMV, sporadic car maintenance, arguments with loved ones, etc.) Hopefully those days are few and far between for most of us, but there will be days that are just... lame. On those days, it's important to enjoy any moments you can. Whether it is just the 30 minutes at a coffee shop in between errands, or listening to an album you love in the car on the way to do something you don't really want to do... really make an effort to enjoy those moments. 

Happy Monday

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