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Thursday, July 29, 2010

I am featured!!!

I am featured today over at PrettyNaturalDivas.com

Go check it out!!

They have a great blog, and I don't just say that because they featured me lol.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

YouTube Tuesday: Breast Ironing in Cameroon

Although last week's YouTube Tuesday was a funny one, this week's is far from comical.

This is a mini documentary about the breast ironing happening in Cameroon. Mothers are putting hot stones or shells on their daughter's breasts in order to keep them from growing, in hopes of lowering the rate of sexual abuse and teenage pregnancy.

While the mothers are trying to protect their daughters, the honest thing is it is horrible to resort to deforming a young child to attempt to protect them from abuse. In essence these little girls are being abused to protect them from abuse. And the fact remains that perverted men will still look at them with a sexual eye, small breasts or not.

Definitely a sad situation.


Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm not perfect

I don’t know everything, and I’m not perfect. No one is. Because of this, I think it is imperative to keep up with personal and professional development. We owe it to ourselves to hone whatever crafts God has blessed us with. I always liked school, so the prospect of classes, even post college, excites me (unless the classes are boring). These are things I would like to take classes in and work on:

I can most certainly use to actually develop a singing skill. People who know me outside of the Internet would say “But you’ve been in musicals!” Yes, I’ve been in musicals, because I could dance lol. I’m not even sure if I have a good voice or a bad voice, because I am very intimidated by the prospect of singing alone. As a performer, it is time to burst the singing bubble, even if only to lightly accompany my acting skills.

Graphic Design
Most of what I know about Photoshop, InDesign,Dreamweaver, etc. has been self taught, or from brief training from a former boss. I think I have maxed out my self training and it is time for me to upgrade into some formal graphic design classes.

I haven’t had a formal acting class in about 2 years. To grow as an actress I think I need to have professional eyes on me at least once a year. I have just recently been cast in a production that I think will help me grow exponentially (YAY!) so I will hold off on paid classes until after that is finished.

What is an area where you feel you deserve to grow and should take classes/lessons?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

All for college

After I graduated from college and my six month grace period had ended I received my first bill for repaying of my student loans...approximately $100 a month for one set of loans, and $160 every three months for the other. Semester after semester I signed my life away on promissory notes because I had to get the loans, because I had to go to college, and college costs money, a lot of money. My estimate for when I will be done paying them back is October 24, 2018. All for college. I graduated in 2008, so that means I will be paying off a 4 year experience for 10 years. All for college. Was it worth it?

Well, college is definitely a racket. You will pay close to thousands of dollars each semester for books you will only use once, that will come out with a new edition before your class is done so you can't sell them back to the bookstore. You will take countless numbers of classes to cram countless numbers of facts into your head that you won't remember pass the final exam. Classes and facts that you will never use again. Perhaps 30% of your classes will be things that will actually help you in your career (if you are like me and had a non-traditional major). Your GPA means NOTHING once you graduate (although I graduated Magna Cum Laude and proud of it). So, is college worth it?

Well, I guess I can say it was. Only because a majority of my success in my career and performing life has been based on the people I met in college, not necessarily the classes (although some were very beneficial). College puts you in a position to meet people that can help you to further yourself and your career. I’ve found that "It isn't what you know, it is who you know" is a VERY accurate statement when it comes to life. Although I am a pretty sharp tack, and always had been good in school, it was the relationships that I made with people that have gotten me where I am in life. I could not have made those relationships without going to college.

Perhaps I could have just hung around a college campus for four years and not have to pay student loan bills every month?....hmmm? ;-)

P.S.- I absolutely loved college.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

YouTube Tuesday: Single Ladies - Pregnant Ladies Remix

This is a new feature on this site that I plan to do every Tuesday called "YouTube Tuesdays." I'll post a YouTube video I come across during the week that I think is insightful, or just plain hilarious. This one falls in the just plain hilarious category. Thanks to my friend Tondrea for sharing it on Facebook.


Monday, July 19, 2010

The Beyonce Body

When many women look at this picture they think “Man, I want a Beyonce body,” and feel inferior that that isn’t their body.

Women, why do we do this to ourselves! We let television, movies and music videos give us very unrealistic expectations of our bodies. Because we see the headline " {insert star name} has lost 50 pounds in one month to prepare for her latest movie" we feel bad that we couldn't lose those 3 pounds before the company picnic that we had hoped to lose. Sure, we could all lose 50 pounds in a month if we had the money to higher dietitians, chefs to cook us healthy food, and personal trainers. For the average person, to have that much money we'd have to work an awful lot, and of course, if we're working that much, we don't have the time to personal train because we've spent all our day working to pay for the trainer, dietitian, and chef.

It is hard for the average person to lose weight. The economy isn’t at its best, so the regular middle class to low class person has to work, a lot, to even provide for themselves and their families. Working 10 hours a day doesn't leave much time or energy to exercise. Being out of the home for 10 hours, or 12 if you count travel time, doesn't really allow the best choice in food. You have to settle for whatever is available at the corner deli when you only have a 20 minute lunch break.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not making excuses, or discouraging dieting and exercise, we should most certainly do all we can to take care of our bodies. I just want to discourage the average woman's desire to look like Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez at the drop of a hat, and that dreaded depressing feeling we get when it isn't happening fast enough. Regular people can't have "The Beyonce Body" in a month’s time. Go for a better “{insert your name here} Body” instead :-)

Friday, July 16, 2010

I don't want to cure cancer

I don't want to cure cancer...

I want to kill it.
Snatch it out of existence.

Un-break the hearts it's broken.
Un-do the stress it's caused.
Bring back the lives it's stolen.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Black Church vs. White Church

I was asked on formspring to write about the difference between the black and white religious experience in America.

I guess the first thing to tackle is the actual church going experience. It is a misconception that while Black churches are rambunctious, cymbals and tambourines, running around the church, falling out and speaking in tongues, White churches are solemn, still and quiet. Although I’ve never been to a predominately white church I can say I have been to Black churches that are as solemn as they come, so I’m sure on both sides of the fence you’ll find your fair share of both exciting services and dull ones.

On a larger scale I don’t know how much of a difference there really is between the religious experiences of Black and white people. For example a pastor like Joyce Meyers sees a very diverse crowd at her services and conferences. She is an older white woman and I am a young Black women yet I find her messages hit home to me more often than not. There really isn't an issue of race when I think about her ministry. I think there is more of a difference in experience between denominations than there is between races.

One thing I have observed is that there is an idea that while white people are a mixture of people of faith, agnostics, and atheists, often it is always assumed that Black people are church goers or religious people. It might have something to do with the large presence of the “Black Church” in the African American community, I’m not sure.

To sum things up, I don’t think there is too huge of a difference between the white and Black religious experience.

What do you think? In your experience have you found a vast difference in the two?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A new perspective on jealousy

We all know jealousy and envy are wrong, it says so in the bible. Yet, it is human nature to admire what others have. This admiration doesn’t have to be a bad thing if handled correctly. Instead of thinking “Oh my gosh, what she has is so awesome, I’m so sad I don’t have that,” or “Oh my gosh, what she has is awesome, I hate her for having it,” we should say, “What she has is awesome, what do I need to do to obtain that same thing for myself?” You could take your admiration and make it motivation, instead of letting your jealousy stop you from progressing.

Actually, even before you make that determination you should probably ask yourself do you really want/need what they have, or are you just suffering from the “grass is always greener” syndrome and just think you want it because they have it?

Don’t let that green eyes monster get you down.
See, he doesn’t look happy does he? That’s because he spends all his days wishing he had something he doesn’t really want instead of doing what he needs to do to get what he really needs.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

What is the worst thing you have lived through?

I was asked on formspring What is the worst thing you have lived through?

I think one of the worst things if not the worst thing I’ve lived through is the loss of my friend Lynn. She was shot and killed when we were only 20 years old. She was my girl. We’d been friends since 4th grade. It was so sudden. They still don’t know who killed her and she was the first person I’d ever lost to death.

I’ve never felt so helpless. The day I found out it felt like I cried all day. I think I did cry all day. It was so hard to understand the finality of death. I could not fathom never seeing her again, never seeing her smile again. I had a long time where I was just really hurting inside. My heart literally hurt. It still does. It’s still hard, I’ll have a day when I just randomly think of her and I break down crying.

She was my first funeral. All those young people mourning the loss of such a young girl. It was so sad. It is so sad. I expected her to be with me to grow up, to be at my wedding, to live past 20.

I think I’ll stop this entry here because it’s making me sad. But to answer the question, the worst thing I’ve lived through is experiencing my first death, losing my friend Lynn.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Where are all the Black people?

I was going to write a post about the Oscar Grant verdict, but I read this post over at theinsanityreport.com and decided they said what was in my head so I’ll direct you there for conversation on that issue.

On an unrelated note:

I have no problem admitting that Big Brother is my guilty pleasure TV show. I will normally denounce reality television, but I will admit that during the summer I have no problem watching people fights, backstab each other and compete three nights a week. It’s cheap entertainment, but my husband and I eat it up. The premiere of season 12 was yesterday and I felt something was missing in the casting – Black people, and overall “average” looking people. Now, I’ve watched almost all seasons of Big Brother so I never expect more than one Black person to be on the show anyway, but this season there is no Black person. Unless you count Monet, who I’m not sure is Black.

No Black people and every single person is what the nation would see as 9 or 10s on the “pretty” scale. Muscley dudes, big-chested-small-wasted- women. Although I would like for the Big Brother house to be representative of society at large I know it never has, and never will, but this season seems to have the most “perfect” (by societal standards) looking cast of all time. That bothers me for some reason.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Unmanned vehicles and the Philly Duck Boat accident

By now most people have heard about the Philly Duck Boat accident that happened yesterday. One of the tour boats broke down in the water, and while awaiting help was hit by an unmanned barge that was being pulled by a remote controlled tug boat. The result of the collision was capsizing and sinking of the tour boat, causing 37 tourists to be thrown into the water -- two of which have not yet been found almost a day later.

What comes to my mind is the question of how different the situation would have gone if either the barge or tug boat were actually manned by a human being. In reports after the accident the people on-board spoke of how they couldn't understand why the barge didn't stop, why they didn't respond to their screams to stop. Of course having the barge being pulled remotely by a tugboat saves an actual person from having to be out on the water, but an off-site controller can’t really see a boat in distress full of tourists on the water.

I'm not placing blame on anyone, just making the observation that while more and more jobs become automated or remote controlled, there is something to be said for having a human being with actual ears and eyes to regulate. Even if machines cost less money, or are in some instances more efficient, perhaps human workers could deter instances like these.

Still prayerful that by some miracle the two missing individuals are found safely.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Our Surragates

Over the weekend I watch the movie Surrogates. The basic premise is that in the future all of humanity is living through surrogates - robots that are controlled from their homes through a machine hooked to their brains. Every “person” outside working, shopping, running, etc. is actually a surrogate, and all the humans are inside their houses controlling them. The surrogates could look any way their owner wanted. Some people opted for a “surry” that looked just like them, others chose to use a surry that had the physical improvements they always wanted (better hair line, slimmer figure, younger face, etc.) and some chose to have a surry of a completely different race and gender than themselves. These robots are how people in the world of the film "live" life.

This sounds crazy doesn’t it? You’d think, why would someone want to sit at home and live through a robot? But you know what happened directly after the movie? The four of us watching the film (myself, my husband, my mom, and her boyfriend) all sat on the couch on 3 iPhones and an iPad. I looked around and realized that the movie wasn’t so far fetched at all. While we weren’t plugged into a robot through our brains we were plugged in through our phones, communicating with others and playing games. We were living through technology.

We already have surrogates. We’re living through various avatars and screen names. Communicating through electronic versions of ourselves. We’re not really too far from the world of the film if you think about it.

Is that scary to anyone?

P.S.- Surrogates was a great film.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What kind of vacationer are you?

I’m coming off of a lovely 4-day vacation holiday weekend. While in my restful four days off I contemplated the different types of vacationers there are:

Dress-up vacationers
Dress-up vacationers buy new clothes, bathing suits, accessories, etc. for their vacation. Their philosophy is Why impress the people you know and see every day with new clothes when you can impress complete strangers you’ll only meet once? lol

Dress-down vacationers
Dress-down vacationers only pack their most comfortable, and usually most ragged clothing to go on vacation. Their philosophy is I’m on vacation to relax, who cares about fashion?

Ultra site-seeing vacationers
These vacationers have planned what they will do when out of town months in advance. They plan to hit all the spots they’ve seen on the travel channel, and only plan to be in the hotel room to sleep.

Home-away-from-home vacationers
These are the people who plan to do what they always do in their leisure, just in a different location. They trade watching their favorite shows at home on the couch, for watching them in a hotel room a few hundred miles away. It’s the change of scenery and lack of work that makes their vacation.

I consider myself a little bit of all these types of vacationers, with the exception of the Dress-down variety. I don’t generally buy new clothes, but I will pack my best outfits. :-) Depending on the location I want to balance seeing the sites, with napping in an exotic location.

What kind of vacationer are YOU?
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