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Monday, October 31, 2011

ABCs of Fall: I is for Ideal Weather & Impending Holidays

Ideal Weather: 

Now, while there was a Nor'easter this weekend, bringing SNOW in October, the weather at the ONSET of fall is ideal lol. Second to spring, I find it the most comfortable weather. Being able to walk around with just a light sweater on, on a solid 70 degree day is awesome. It's so strange how 70 degrees in the fall feels different than 70 degrees in the spring.

Impending Holidays: 

I know I'm not the only one thinks Thanksgiving and Christmas at the first sight of leaves falling. Fall brings us into the "holiday season." Thanksgiving -> Christmas -> My Birthday -> Valentines Day .... do you see how I think ahead? lol

Check out A - H of the ABCs of Fall HERE. Depending on how fast it gets really cold, the series might transition into the ABCs of winter mid-alphabet lol

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Anti-Gender Roles WIN

I was flipping through the recent Sears Toy Shop brochure looking for Christmas present ideas for my niece and was SO happy to see the page below:

What made me so happy you ask? That would be the little BOY pushing a PINK toy vacuum cleaner. It made me so happy. This is a step in the right direction to tackling socially ingrained gender roles. Boys can like pink, boys can clean. 
I for one am SO OVER the notion that women are the cleaners and cookers and child raisers of the family. In a world like we live in now where both the man and woman in a relationship have to work to be financially stable, cooking, cleaning, and child watching needs to be a joint effort. 

I hope there is a little boy somewhere in the world who is excited and asking for a little pink vacuum cleaner. Now I just need to see a little girl playing happily with a toy truck :-)


Thursday, October 20, 2011


I have noticed a large swell in the articles I read from people who are both single and in marriages/relationships who don't believe in monogamy. Usually the premise is that humans are just not meant to only sleep with one person. To me, this sounds crazy lol, but I have to take into consideration that everyone's lives are different and everyone has the right to define their relationship as they see fit. I personally believe that you can be completely happy married to and only sleeping with one person. But that's because that is my reality. Everyone's life isn't my life.

I have no problem with the "non-monogamists" of the world. I do however have a problem with "anti-monogamists," if that makes sense. Those are the people who tear monogamists because they dare to believe they can be happy with just one person. To them I say: don't place your circumstances on others. Just because you have never found a person worth marrying, or worth being monogamous for doesn't mean monogamy/marriage is flawed, it means your relationships have failed at monogamy. 

Are you a monogamist? 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Why do I tweet?

When that random earthquake hit the east coast this summer I was in a staff meeting. The first thing we all did after realizing what happened was take out our smart phone to tweet and facebook the experience. The first thing many people do when something exciting, scary, surprising ,fun, etc. happens, is tweet. Why is that? I don't think this is a trend anyone could foresee back in 2004 before Facebook hit. 

Why do I tweet? I don't know, but I love it lol. Some of the reasons I've come up with are:

I'm random. Twitter exhibits the randomness of my mind as one second I'll be tweeting about how I feel about the Occupy Wallstreet  protests and the next minute I'll be tweeting about my love for plantains. Exhibit A of my randomness:

I love to share things. Twitter is the perfect vehicle for me to share links, pictures, articles, etc. I find online that are either funny or insightful.

It's my social media hub. Twitter is where all my online lives converge. I've got friends from "real life," blogger buddies, the natural hair community, all in one place. Since my facebook is private, my twitter is the space linking my twitter, my blog, my facebook, my tumblr and life all together lol

Do you tweet?



Tuesday, October 18, 2011

YouTube Tuesday: Beyoncé "Countdown" Parody: Student Loan Countdown

It's been a while since I've posted a YouTube Tuesday video, but today I have a nice one. Check out fabulous vlogger Chescaleigh's parody of Beyonce's "Countdown" - "Student Loan Countdown." I thought it was funny, and she has a nice voice. Check out some of her other videos too, she has an awesome personality and charisma.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

ABCs of Fall: H is for Hot Chocolate!

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With cold weather comes warm beverages, as you know, since A and C of my ABCs of fall have been dedicated to them lol. Another warm beverage that makes the list is Hot Chocolate. Now I love the old school hot chocolate with marshmallows, but as I've gotten older I've run into a few more decadent varieties of hot chocolate:

White Hot Chocolate - it has a different creamy goodness than other types of hot chocolate. Most coffee shops, even Starbucks have a good white hot chocolate. But for store bought make at home, I've found the Hershey's Goodnight Hugs White Hot Chocolate powder to be awesome. I'd definitely like to try my hand at making some homemade white hot chocolate myself, with some white chocolate chips and heavy cream. Of course Mrs. Paula Deen has a recipe.

Mexican Spiced Hot Chocolate - The coffee shop near my job, Cafe Ole, has a really good Mexican Spiced Hot Chocolate. They always say that adding a little bit of spice to chocolate brings out the chocolate flavor more, and that definitely works here. It is one of my favorite fall/winter beverages, and the fact that I can get it with a shot of espresso if I need an extra boost makes it all the better.

I do want to try something I've been hearing people raving about since last winter, Starbucks Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate. I love caramel, and I can only imagine the combination of salted caramel and chocolate.

Whats your favorite type of hot chocolate?


Saturday, October 15, 2011

From Scratch, or From a Box?

I have spent relatively the whole morning baking a cake. It was a recipe my husband found online a few months back, and I figured our two year marriage anniversary would be a good time to make it for him. We're starting a tradition of cake on every anniversary. The first anniversary was our thawed wedding cake, and this anniversary was this chocolate peanut butter cake. Everything was from scratch: cake, icing, and ganache. I boiled, blended, beat, whipped, baked and eventually washed about three sinks worth of dishes. I probably spent three times as much time making the cake as I would have if I baked a box cake. Was it worth it? Well, for this occasion I say definitely yes. But it made me think about making something from scratch, vs. buying pre-made things in store. I thought about the same things the first time I made my own alfredo sauce for pasta, vs. just buying a jar. There are pros and cons of making things from scratch.


You know exactly what you are putting into your body. When you make something from scratch you have complete control over ingredients. You can alter things to your dietary needs, and season/flavor to your liking. More often than not making something from scratch is going to provide healthier food than buying boxed. The cake I made is only a little over 100 calories per slice because of a key substitution...BLACK BEANS instead of oil. Yes, you read right, black beans lol. You can't taste them at all, and the cake is perfectly moist, without the addition of oil.

Pride. There is a greater sense of pride when making something from scratch. Because you take the time and measure out all the ingredients it feels like more of an accomplishment.


Time. Hands down, making something from scratch will always be more time consuming than making something from a box. This is the number con.

Dishes. You will most likely end up using more pots, bowls, blenders, mixers, etc. when cooking from scratch, especially when baking.

Here is my cake side by side with the photo of the cake from the recipe lol. I promise you I am MUCH better at piping icing than this looks, but I was using a ziploc bag with an end cut off, and not an actually piping bag lol

Which do you prefer? Making from scratch or a box?

Friday, October 14, 2011

ABCs of Fall: G is for Ghouls and Goblins

To me, you can't have fall without it's two staple holidays: Halloween and Thanksgiving. And you can't have Halloween without SCARY things. I enjoy being scared. While I'm not one to go on too many roller-coasters that will throw me upside down, I'll take a good haunted house any day.

My schedule has become super busy, but at some point before the Halloween season is over I have to make a return trip to "Terror Behind the Walls" at Eastern State Penitentiary. The first time I went was my freshman year of college, and it easily made it on the top three haunted houses I've ever experienced. One of the rules is no running, but at one point during the tour I recall myself running full speed down a prison corridor. I couldn't help myself lol.

I'm also keeping my ghoul and goblin quotient up with my fall TV line-up. Currently I'm watching American Horror Story on FX, which is so creepy I literally had nightmares from the second episode. I'm also waiting for the return of The Walking Dead on AMC.

Do you like scary movies, tv, haunted houses, etc. during Halloween time? What are you doing to fill your ghoul and goblin quota? 

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My life is so hard

Contrary to the title, my life is not at all hard really. When one of us is complaining about some mundane thing, my husband and I will say to each other "your life is hard." What we're really saying is, our life is not really hard at all in comparison to many others. It's our way of poking fun at the dramatics we put on about our not so big problems, like waking up early, or not having any more chocolate in the house. Of course we have problems like anyone else, but at the end of the day, I truly feel blessed.

My grandmother is FINALLY coming home next week, after 6 months between different hospitals and a nursing home.
My husband just got promoted.
I just got cast in a show.
We will be celebrating our 2 year wedding anniversary on the 18th of this month.

Life is good, and I need to remember that when I'm stressing over my cold or our dog making a mess. We are so blessed.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

ABCs of Fall: F is for Foliage

There is something both calming and motivating about the colors the fall brings. The primary inspiration for the fall color palate of course is fall foliage, the leaves, flowers and branches preparing for the winter.

The only downside of course to fall foliage is if the trees happen to be in your yard. In that case, with foliage comes RAKING lol.

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Naturally Connected Philly Holiday DIY Hair Accessory Meet & Greet

For tickets in advance GO HERE.

This should be a good time. I'm excited! :-D Tell your friends!


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Big Picture Thinking

"Think about the bigger picture." - Don't you have when people say that? But really, it's true. Thinking about the bigger picture can ease some anxieties and frustrations. This happens in two ways. When you are in the midst of a hard trial or process, thinking about the bigger picture can keep in perspective for you what all your hard work is for and will result in.

There is also the issue of having personal trials, and then thinking about the bigger picture, as in the things other people around you have to deal with. You may have to work late every night for two weeks, and you feel exhausted, but you can be consoled in the fact that you are safe, and happy and have a loving family in your home when you get there, and not everyone has that.

The thought that there is someone else who has things way harder than yourself should motivate you to be grateful, even in times of exhaustion, frustration, etc. It's not a means of belittling problems, but rather, keeping our eye on all the other things in our life that we are happy with and are thankful for.


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Favorite New TV Shows

I was asked on my formspring: "What is your favorite new show on TV these days?"

Well, there are actually a couple new shows that I am into.

The Playboy Club (NBC) :  I wanted to list it, but there is no need to elaborate since it's already been canceled. :-\

Person of Interest (CBS) : I like the premise. There is a computer program that predicts the identity of people connected to violent crimes that will take place in the future. However, the program has its limitations; it cannot predict whether the person will be a victim, perpetrator, or witness, nor can it predict when or where the crime will take place. So the main character John Reese, played by Jim Caviezel, a former CIA agent is "hired" to track down the people, and stop whatever crime from happening. It's a nice spy type show, which I like, mixed with the fact that you don't know what role the "target" plays in the crime going to be committed so it's kind of a mystery. The only thing I DON'T like about the show is Taraji P. Henson. She just doesn't do it for me in her role, which is a police officer trying to track Jim Caviezel's character.

Charlie's Angels (ABC) : We all know Charlie's Angels. I'm very happy with the casting: having a Black Angel, and having a Latino Bosley. Once again I like the spy show premise. The show uses a really solid formula of get a case, go undercover to crack a case, something goes wrong and drama ensues, solve the case. The only thing that really turns me off about it is the excessive brand name dropping and mentions of shoes. It's like, o.k., we get it, you're women, you like clothes and shoes, but must it be so overt? I'm wondering if the name dropping is actually paid advertising lol.

American Horror Story (FX) : I LOVE this. I've only watched the pilot but I already think it's great. The main premise is a family of three who just moved into a new house...which of course is haunted. I can already tell each episode is going to pack an hour of creepy goodness, and I'm all for that. It's pretty much a good horror movie, that you only get an hour of each week.

New Girl (FOX): This show is HILARIOUS. Zooey Deschanel is beautiful and hilarious. I don't even think any of the other characters are that great, but she SHINES.

What new TV shows are you into this season?


Friday, October 7, 2011

Candyman, Candyman, Candyman, Candyman....

I was asked on my formspring "What's your favorite movie to watch on Halloween night?"

That is very easy to answer, since I watched it just this past Halloween....CANDYMAN!

Candyman is my favorite horror movie, hands down. Its my favorite because it is probably the scariest horror movie I've ever seen. I lie to you not, just google searching for pictures for this post made my heart beat speed up.

Legend has it that if you say his name five times in a mirror, he will appear. After seeing this movie the first time, I couldn't be in a room with a mirror in the dark for MONTHS, I was 7 years old, now I'm 25 and the movie still creeps me out.

I am pretty sure that the main reason the movie was scarier to me than the likes of Jason or Freddy Kruegger was/is because Candyman is Black. Not that Black men by nature are scary, but Candyman could have been my next door neighbor. While Jason and Freddy were slashing little kids up in the suburbs, Candyman was a descendant of an abused slave killing people in the hood. That hit a little more close to home for me lol. 

I think this Halloween I'd like to watch Candyman 2 and 3 over, since I haven't watched them as many times as I've watched the original.

What's your favorite Halloween/Scary movie?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

ABCs of Fall: E is for Eagles

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With fall comes football season, and when you live in Philadelphia football season means the EAGLES. I thought my husband would be in a much better position than me to give an Eagles post, so this is brought to you by him:

When LaNeshe asked me what E stood for in regards to fall, I said what any red-blooded Philadelphian would say: E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES!!! However, at 1-3, I should have said Eggs. Rotten Eggs. Actually, maybe not, cause I would still be talking about the Eagles. Man, what a joke these clowns have been in the first quarter of this year. Andy Reid truly has to be on his last legs with them. How much football angst can Philly take? Take Mike Vick for instance. Love him or Hate him, he's a beast. He takes you to the playoffs relativly easy as a backup. This year you sign him to a huge deal. Surely you're gonna protect with the best line you can get right? WRONG. Most of the O line is comprised of rookies and generally untested guys. It's like getting a deluxe paintjob on a 82 Pinto, pointless. Vick has so far sustained a concussion and a broken hand. And it's only week 5. Also, the playcalling. Atrocious. LeSean Mccoy is a great back, can catch, and can rack up yards on the ground. How does Andy follow a 100+ yard game from Mccoy? By running the ball only 29 percent of the time, in a loss of course. They could have won in Atlanta, and they just totally loss focus against San Fran. These are coaching and general manager problems. My advice? Fire Andy. He's had his turn. I want a coach that will return my Fall to me! Till then....E is for Phillies!

Monday, October 3, 2011

ABCs of Fall: C is for Chai, D is for Decorations

If you haven't already, check out A & B HERE.

C is for chai! I love a good chai tea latte. In the summer I'll occasionally get an iced chai, but nothing compares to a nice warm cup of chai with just a little bit of foam on the top. I love the spicy, cinnamonly goodness of a chai, I call it "Christmas in a cup" because the aroma and taste remind me of holiday goodness.

D is for decorations! I love a good opportunity to decorate something. Now that the temperatures have dropped a bit, I have changed the theme on my blog and on my twitter to fit the fall feel in the air. Since this will be our first fall in our new house I'm looking forward to decorating for fall/Halloween!
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