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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Secret to Marriage

I saw this video today and thought it was the cutest thing. News outlets have been billing it "The Secret to Marriage" -it features a couple married for 35 years who matches their outfits every day. It's so cute!

I'm a sucker for older couples.

Which leads me to wishing my grandparents a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY as well. They have been married for 52 years and two days. I love them. They are quite frankly the best blessing I've ever received.



Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Technology vs. The Great Outdoors

When I hear/see people talk or type telling people to get away from "screens" and enjoy the outdoors I'm torn. On one hand, yes, enjoying the outdoors is awesome, on the other hand, I also greatly enjoy watching TV and playing Diablo III on my computer.

My favorite times are when technology and the great outdoors collide.... Like me typing this blog post on my iPhone, while laying on the beach in San Diego... Or reading a book on my Kindle, while sitting poolside.

Cameras were probably one of the most significant combinations of technology and nature. I can't imagine the excitement when cameras became main stream and among other things, picture of sites and the nature native to areas all around the world became visible to people not in those areas, near and far. That had to be pretty amazing.

P.S. - San Diego is awesome, and we're enjoying our vacation :-D


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Inspired to Validate the People I Love

Sometime between last week and this I read the story of April Brown (pictured above). She lost both her legs and arms as a result of getting butt injections at a "pumping party." [source] Her story is tragic. The fact that she felt so unhappy with herself that she would partake in this risky procedure is tragic. The fact that she lost her limbs is tragic. The fact that women will go through dangerous lengths to lose weight, or add weight in the "right" places is tragic. 

What really stuck out to me was the quote from her regarding why she did it, and what her message is now that she's attempting to be a motivational speaker: 

”We don’t validate each other,” she said. “We really don’t know how our friends feel about us, unless we have very expressive friends.”

This pinged in my brain because she is generally right. We don't really validate each other often. Even if we admire someone's skills, appearance, work ethic, etc. how often do we really express that to each other? Now, of course, we should not NEED validation of other people to make us feel secure. Between ourselves and God there should be enough validation. AND we need to learn to be happy with the bodies we were given, and accept the things that we cannot change (in a safe manner). But there is something to be said about hearing good words from another person. 

Since reading this I've thought a lot more and tried to encourage others, whether it just be "liking" their status about a success, telling them congratulations for something, or simply telling them how beautiful they are. I'm not saying go out and make stuff up that you don't really feel, but let out the thoughts of encouragement you keep in your head about a person more often. 

Happy Wednesday. 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Magic of Friday

As I type this it is 11:04 p.m. on a Friday night. I got home from work around 10 p.m. In the last hour I've vacuumed and cleaned the bedroom and started a load of laundry of bed linens. Somehow, at 10 o'clock at night after working all day I had the energy for this. Why? Because it was FRIDAY! 

There is something magical about Fridays. You can find yourself with a spring in your step after working on Friday that you'd never have on a Monday to Thursday evening. It's interesting, because really Friday is the same as any work day. It can actually be a longer or tougher day for some people as they prepare to get all their work done before the weekend. Yet, the anticipation of Saturday, and the lack of another work day looming over the horizon gives us a different pep in our step than the other workdays. 

Here's to Fridays! 

Happy Saturday! 

Friday, May 11, 2012

My Fitness/Health Inspiration

Being healthier is not easy. Quite frankly, it's hard. The "rules" are simple: exercise and eat healthy, but the will power to actually do those things is the hard part. I slip sometimes, especially on weekends, but the internet is a great resource to keep me motivated. The Fitness tag on Pinterest is a great resource for healthy motivation, and good recipes, eating and exercise tips.  Here is my Healthy Living Pinboard

Another great site that keeps me motivated is Paparoxi.com. Her site has LOADS of good recipes and get healthy tips. Her weight loss journey is freaking amazing. Something that I read from Roxi that really stood out to me was: 

For years I struggled with the idea of being healthy and having a fitness plan that worked for my life. I would always start the New Year with fitness goals that were very large. I wanted to lose a tremendous amount of weight. I wanted abs like Janet and toned arms like Angela Basset. However, that is not real. It is one thing to have that body and it is quite another to keep that body, without compromising a happy lifestyle. The goal needs to become being the best YOU while being happy. That means working out and eating right should be effortless that is the true definition of healthy living.
That really is the crux of it all. Finding that balance between a lifestyle that will keep you healthy, but also keeps you happy as well. No one wants to live in full eating restriction and spend 24 hours a day on the treadmill. I suggest checking out her 2012 Challenge if you want a jump-start on small steps you can take to make a big difference. 

A second great site that I love is Heyfranhey.com I actually found Fran's site because of her natural hair photos and tips, so she is a great resource for that info as well. She keeps it real when it comes to things that work for her as far as eating, exercise, skin and hair care.  She also has a YouTube channel. If you're looking for info on natural hair and natural living, she's a good go-to person. 

Where do YOU go when you need inspiration to stay fit and healthy?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

An Intimidating Gym Experience

I've been doing really well at keeping up with working out since I got my personal trainer. My eating could still use some wiping into shape, but I've definitely been much better at working out regularly. Yesterday I started a new routine (new routine every four weeks) and it was a huge leap for me in many ways. 

First off, I was moved from the comfort-ability of the tucked away corner to requiring to be on the main floor to do most of my exercises. You know the main floor, it's where all the muscly men are, and the weights are no longer neon colored, mirror stretched in-front of it's length. *shivers* I felt uncomfortable even in that area with the people I always look at as "pro" exercisers, and in front of that mirror looking at my hugely less than perfect body with their chiseled abs and arms in the background... sigh.

So, now that the scene is set. In this setting I am learning new stuff so I'm all awkward and clunky, and things are more intense...AND I have been introduced to my new arch enemy....lunges. They have now beat out my past foe, stability ball rowing. My legs were so shaky at the end I thought I was going to have to call someone at work to drive me the 3 blocks back to the office!

But you know what? None of this will defeat me! I will become accustomed to working out on the "main floor," and in four weeks, I'll be tackling lunges like a pro. I resolve to conquer my fear of looking "dumb." I've got just as much right to be there as anyone else. And really, they probably don't look at their bodies as perfected just like I look at mine as needing work. 

To close the day's workout I headed to the sauna to rest for a minute, and was greeted by a naked woman stretching ....and that my friends concludes what was my Wednesday trip to the gym lol

Main floor. Sqauts. Naked sauna women. I'll beat them all! :-D


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Homemade Dog Food

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of homemadedogfood.com. All opinions are 100% mine.

I've been making a conscious effort, as I exercise regularly, to also eat better and cook better meals at home. I'm starting with a goal of getting ingredients to make at least two meals from scratch each time I go to the grocery store. Avoiding packaged foods all together is the end goal, but I've got to take small steps, right? So that means making pasta sauce from scratch rather than buying it jarred, or making my own pizza dough instead of buying pre-packaged dough. I am 100% sure that this will benefit the health of the two humans in the family, my husband and I, but what about our fur baby, Sunny Buckets?

That's Sunny, Googling Homemade dog food ;-)

O.k. maybe she's not really on Google, but doesn't it make sense to give dogs homemade food as well? As I work on lessening the amount of packaged foods for us, I've got to consider making a change in what we purchase for Sunny as well. Enter Homemadedogfood.com. This gentleman has a Easy cooked dog food recipe as well as a raw dog food recipe if you're interested in that. I found his site to be very resourceful, and I appreciate him putting a video up of how to create the cooked dog food. I also appreciate the fact that one time making the dog food yields a nice amount of food, so it's not as if you are cooking every day for your dog in addition to yourself and your family.

Visit Sponsor's Site

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"I want you to WANT to do the dishes" and similar feelings

Get More: The Break-Up - Argument About Doing Dishes
How do they know my life?! lol

There is something to be said about wanting people to share your feelings and sensibilities...and I guess I'm about to say it lol. 

I feel like it's only natural to wish that all those close to you shared your interests,  passions and feelings about cleaning habits ;-) . It would just make life easier wouldn't it? Even if people UNDERSTAND your love and feelings about things, that won't make them share them with you. Sometimes it can be horribly frustrating to absolutely LOVE something, or feel really compelled by something, only for someone you'd like to share that passion with to have no interest whatsoever. We're all different people with different interests, hobbies, and habits. So what do you when your best friends have no interest in seeing the Avengers movie with you, or your husband just can't understand why it's imperative dishes be washed right after dinner? There really is nothing you can do but accept them for who they are. 

Be happy of the times they appease your likes, and try to make concessions for the things you have zero interest in that they love. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thankful Thursdays: 5/3/12

I'm linking up with Cami at First Day of My Life for Thankful Thursday!

Today I am thankful for: 

1. The plethora of acting work I've been getting lately. I just finished being involved in a show and a staged reading last week. I also did some in-classroom acting this week, and have a TV show shoot in my future. I feel so blessed to be able to do something I love so much. 

2. In less than a month the hubby and I will be going to San Diego! I can't wait. I'm pretty exhausted currently, and I just keep thinking about that full week of sunshine and relaxation. 

What are you thankful for today?
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